Slamdance Day One

It was William’s birthday today, but it never really seemed like it…

We both woke up at 4am to prep for our crack of dawn flight. After hastily shifting things around in our overweight suitcases, we boarded our first of two Frontier flights.

The trip was instantly boring for us two travelers and we cursed ourselves the entire way for packing too many stirrup pants. The planes both had mini-TVs in the headrest of the seat in front of us and not even VH1 classic videos from Prince or Terence Trent D’Arby perked us up. But then…

Ladies and Gentlemen, our first Celebrity Sighting!

The Star: Dustin Diamond (Screech from “Saved By The Bell”)
The Spot: Our flight from Denver to Salt Lake.
The Style: Dustin was sporting a very machismo beard and geek-chic eyeglasses.

We couldn’t tell if he would’ve enjoyed being recognized or not. What goes on inside the mind of Dustin D, we couldn’t stop wondering?

Our condo in Park City is a stone’s throw from a Panda Express plus a Linens ‘n Things. It’d be pathetic to complain about anything, right? We met up with our L.A. based roomies Yves + Flo and trekked up to the festival action on Main St via the confusing shuttle system.

The Mallorys poster

Celebrity Sighting Two:
The Star: Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn White
The Spot: The steep hills of Main St.
The Style: Creamy parka and even creamier skin. (Surprisingly not that freckly-faced.)

The Slamdance peeps drowned us in praise for The Mallorys, plus free Doc Martens boots, Luna bars, and black puffy parkas. The smallest Men’s style didn’t suit or fit William so he opted for a Women’s Large. Drowning in 95 tons of swag we attended a few more meetings, met some of our fellow filmmakers. It was all awesome but ultra exhausting.

Slamdance HQ

After some short-lived R + R back at our condo, like frozen zombies we waddled back up to Main Street for the Slamdance Kick Off Party at The Star Bar where “Golddigger” welcomed us with its bassy thumping. At the top of our lungs we introduced ourselves to other filmmakers and got to know the festival staff more intimately. No real rubbing elbows with any big wigs yet, but everyone in and behind Slamdance is deliciously kind and down to Earth.

Taxi Man John drove us home at 12:30. We hit the hay and hit it hard. Our big premiere was the next day!

Photos coming super soon!

-love Will & Jo

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  1. Six degrees of separation-I feel so connected now. Keep it coming-its like heroin. Must have more. Keep blogging… So proud of you guys!!! -n

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