Slamdance Day Two: World Premiere

The big fests began!

We spent the morning e-mailing fresh, hot press contacts from Elle magazine and MTV news. Followed that up by plastering a fresh layer of Mallorys posters around Park City, then dropped off our much coveted promotional pins on tables outside the Slamdance main theatre. Who doesn’t need a little mom-ish or im-mature in their festival wardrobe?


Leading lady Tina T. and her dashing boyfriend Tom breezed into town and spotted both Catherine Keener and Gary Coleman (in a cowboy hat no less!) during their first few moments on the scene. Former child stars can’t get enough of Park City, apparently, and who can blame them?

Dolling ourselves up for the big premiere was an event in and of itself, of course. Tina opted for a sleek retro look. Jo nixed her original plans for a dress over jeans, and instead settled on a simple, smart vintage blouse, and William chose to try to be cool by not trying to be cool and kept on what he had been wearing all day: green velour vintage pants and a silver belt.

Dressed to the nines, we battled intense festival traffic to arrive for the big red carpet event.

The Candy Eye Kids

Celebrity Sighting Three:
The Star: Scott Speedman
The Spot: The Steps of Slamdance Headquarters
The Style: Perfectly tattered sneakers, perfectly slouchy thrift store pants, perfectly tousled hair, and most importantly, a perfectly goofy grin.

To think our film was playing along side his was dreamy divinity (for William at least)!

Scott Speedman

Our screening was sold out, packed with press and fashionistas. The audience got a genuine kick out of our movie, the silly clothing, and all the characters.

Biggest laugh: Meg moaning, “Well, I wish I could’ve been on the cake ‘n stuff then.

Second biggest laugh: J.J. whining, “I always always wanted something Foxy O’Clock. And I know I would like that coat way more than the poorest Russian girl.

Our Q+A was short, sweet, and wonderfully void of awkward silences. It was a top notch World Premiere!

Next up was the opening night feature Weirdsville by the director of Pump Up The Volume and Empire Records. It was vibrant, fun, silly and stylish. A great match for our similarly-minded short.

The Weirdsville Q+A included our beloved colleage Scott Speedman plus his big name co-star, which brings us to…

Celebrity Sighting Four:

The Star: Wes Bentley
The Spot: Weirdsville post-screening Q+A
The Style: Your Midwestern cousin on his 5th day at college.

Weirdsville Q+A

Wes stopped us after the screenings to shake our hands and tell us how much he liked The Mallorys. He was utterly sweet , genuine and un-Hollywood.

We headed across the street for late night cranberry juices with a festival posse. Girls who had seen our film were aching for posters and pins and seemed to have really connected with the story and spunk of our project. And that, kids, is what it’s all about!

2 thoughts on “Slamdance Day Two: World Premiere”

  1. So fun! I’m so proud of you all!

    (p.s. that midwestern cousin comment had me giggling.)

    Can’t wait to see the film. xo

  2. This looks very cool- I wasn’t aware of this side of you, Tina!
    Everyone of you are celebrities, now. But way to go on seeing Gary Coleman (how tall is he really)?
    Keep having fun, and I want to see the film now too!

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