Slamdance Day Three: The best day yet!

The Festival scene is beautiful but brutal and Saturday morning we were beaten down. We hadn’t eaten a real meal our entire trip, our backs were bruised from hauling around 90 ton backbacks, and our neurotic self-focus had turned our minds frazzled and fried.

We vowed to take better care of ourselves and headed over to the festival’s posh Queer Lounge. Of course the Queers would know our souls were aching for some chic white leather couches, some free trendy juice drinks, and a Tori Amos and Pink soundtrack.

We were then invited to have our photos taken for a Six-Degrees-Of-Gay-Separation type mural where we mugged for the camera just moments after the cast of The L Word. So boys and girls:

Celebrity Sighting Five + Six:

The Stars: Leisha Hailey (KD Lang’s former main squeeze and Yoplait spokeswoman). And Kathering Moenning (Gwyneth Paltrow’s cousin).
The Spot: The photoshoot.
The Style: Alpine casual. Ultra-skinny thermal tees and fluffy, fat boots.

Always remember that little Willie Rees was the first gent to be posted to the mural – it may be a Trivial Pursuit question some day!

So connected, so gayishly.

Feeling remarkably refreshed we sauntered up Main Street in the gently falling snow with plans to visit the Fred Segal store. Little did we know we were headed straight for Celebrity Sighting Central!

Celebrity Sighting Six:
The Star: A chestnut-tressed Laura Linney.
The Spot: Sundance theatre next to Fred Segal.
The Style: No clue – it was so crowed with paparazzi we saw but a glimpse of her.

Moments later….

Celebrity Sighting Seven, Eight, Nine + Ten:
The Stars: Queer As Folk’s Robert Gant, The O.C. hipster Adam Brody, Fisher Stevens, and snaky Shane from Survivor season 12.
The Spot: Sundance theatre on Main Street.
The Style: No one was dressed to impress, let’s put it that way.

Robert Gant

We trudged up the street and but moments later…

Celebrity Sighting Ten:

The Star: Christian Slater.
The Spot: The gutters of Main Street.
The Style: Classic Slater hair, and Park City’s preferred accessory: a pair of buff bodyguards.

Finally arriving at Slamdance HQ, we started to feel a bit like celebrities ourselves. Again and again, people rushed up to us to say they had seen The Mallorys and absolutely loved it. Whispering “It’s Foxy!” had become the catchphrase of the festival’s staff and rumor had it Allan Moyle, director of Weirdsville, was absolutely tickled by our piece.

We then attended the screening of Shorts Block 4 – featuring The Cow Thief, The Monarch Cage, Alan & Samir and our roommates’ delicate film, Dentist Visit. It was the first Slamdance screening we were able to attend other than our own and it felt great to just sit back, enjoy the work and get a taste of something other than Candy Eye.

After a lovely dinner of butternut squash soup, cranberry walnut salad, and an ultra-soothing bread pudding, we returned to The Treasure Mountain Inn for a Happy Hour wing ding.

There we were bombarded with a pile of brand new friends and fans of The Mallorys. It was surreal and touching to see how cultishly passionate people were about our film and our approach to storytelling. The proudest, most perfect night of our filmmaking lives – mos def!

We’re ultra excited and honored to have befriended Saucy, the stylish photographer from Australia, Duncan Ferguson, the funny first-time filmmaker of Farm Boy, and Mika and Kaori from (sometimes) Japan – a duo who couldn’t be more chic or sweet, and who we insisted on being photographed with.

Fashiony friends

Everyone we met had big plans for The Mallorys, dying to give DVDs of the film to their friends as belated Christmas presents, or to hipster stylists in L.A., or to shop owners in Tokyo and Paris.

Watch out world, cause here we come!

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  1. Reading about your adventures is fun – actually being there must be even better! Glad to hear Park City is loving you guys as much as you deserve!

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