Slamdance Day Four: Lazy Sunday

First off, for those of you skeptical that we so fortunate as to have seen Dustin Diamond three magical times since our adventure began, we offer this photographic evidence.

Dustin Diamond with Drag Queen

The beauty of it hurts almost, doesn’t it?

Anyway, we started our day off with a video interview for’d never heard of it either, but hopefully that will change for all of us. The crew was cool, and our interviewer had a lot of sharp questions about our movie and about vintage fashion.

We then dashed off to a sponsored Queer Brunch at Grubb Steak. We accidentally arrived fashionably late and missed out on receiving swag bags. The Ginch Gonch underwear was the most coveted freebie, so JoEllen and our new bud Jamie Travis rummaged through abandoned bags, hoping to sneak a pair or two. But no such luck.
Jamie & Jo secreting underwear.

Jamie is silly, savvy fun. We exchanged favorite Rosemary’s Baby quotes on the shuttle ride from Grub Steak to Main Street.

Jamie’s favorite: “Do I get a gold star, Daddy?”

Our favorite: “It has an undertaste,…A chalky undertaste.”

Celebrity wise, the day felt like déjà vu. Again we saw Christian Slater, Scott Speedman, The L Word girls, and of course Dustin D. Our only newbies…

Celebrity Sighting Eleven:

The Star: Food Network goddess Giada De Laurentiis (the rat)
The Spot: The middle of Main Street.
The Style: Mafia wife chic.

Celebrity Sighting Twelve:
The Star: Tom Arnold
The Spot: Interviewing God knows who at the bottom of Main Street.
The Style: Tom Arnold and style are two topics that really have no business whatsoever intertwining. Let’s just move on…

We were ushered in secretly to Slamdance Shorts Block 5 and enjoyed a double dose of our friend Duncan Ferguson. First, in his directorial debut Farmboy, and then as the star of The Famous Joe Project. Duncan came to Slamdance with his producer/mother, who is as silly as Duncan is and who took this photo of the three of us, looking like we matter.

Duncan Ferguson and us.

A quieter day, but it was nice and necessary.

One final fact – The gang at Slamdance has now nick-named us “The Mallorys.” Nick-names rock!

One thought on “Slamdance Day Four: Lazy Sunday”

  1. God, you guys are cool.
    I hope I’m not imposing if I ask you to snip off one of Dustin Diamond’s curls for me. I’m kinda making a life-sized Screech doll and….
    I guess the less said the better.
    Anywho, congratulations to you brilliant kids.

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