Slamdance Day Five: On a Roll

We enjoyed a peaceful morning near our condo filled with “ape-pri-cot almond” scones and organic hot cocoa. A little bit of napping, then shopping for mint shampoo and honey-scented lotion.

Back in Park City the many Mallorys posters we had tacked up in the last days had been buried under 25 newer layers of Queen Latifah and Dakota Fanning movie posters. We fought back with a fresh layer of our own and were caught on camera while doing so.

Moments later…

Celebrity Sighting Thirteen:
The Star: Mike White (director of School of Rock, The Good Girl, and Chuck & Buck)
The Spot: On the sidewalk near Taste of Saigon
The Style: Albino bland.

We headed back to Slamdance HQ for a fireside chat/panel about Production + Distribution outside of NYC and LA – minus the distribution part, unfortunately. Nearly everyone we meet is from the coasts, and nearly everyone we meet thinks we’re from New York.

Immediately after the fireside chat we were interviewed by Clint, a cameraman from Hollywood Video! Clint was the guy who’d filmed us hanging up our posters earlier in the day. He grilled us on camera, we charmed him with our responses. We’re totally media pros now, man!

Interview with Hollywood Video.

Heading back down Main for the first of many meetings-

Celebrity Sighting Fourteen:
The Star: American Pie and Election stud Chris Klein.
The Spot: Park City’s sloping sidewalks.
The Style: Sunglasses and sherling.

Chris Klein in Park City.

Two and a half heartbeats later-

Celebrity Sighting Fifteen:
The Star: Hair product pro Paul Mitchell.
The Spot: Posing for fan photos outside a trendy Park City bar.
The Style: Signature slicked ponytail.

Hair guru Paul Mitchell.

We headed off to another party but were whisked suddenly away to an industry pitch meeting. Things are rollin’ now, friends. Those are all the specifics we can reveal for now, though. Hollywood is a circle of secrets.

We topped off our busy, biz-y day with a happy dinner at Bangkok Thai. Crab + Apple Spring Rolls and brand new buds were a perfect ending to our whirlwind of a day.

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  1. actually, that’s john paul dejoria. paul mitchell actually passed away. he is the CEO of john paul mitchell now, just thought you should know.

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