Slamdance Day Seven: Winding Down

For the first night since we arrived, we both slept well, hard, and late. AKA 8am.

After a slow-motion morning, we hopped on the shuttle to the beloved Queer Lounge, but were stunned to find that it had vanished completely! Where there was once pulsing Goldfrapp songs, long, flirty stares, and free “Sarah Jessica Parker waters”, we found only silent, dreary hallways and dull condo units void of feather boas as décor.

When we headed up Main St. and the Fred Segal department store was dark and empty as well, we realized Park City was a sinking ship, and the bold and beautiful had already escaped. The festivals weren’t over just yet, but the famous faces and the frenzy had definitely disappeared.

We cheered ourselves up the only way we knew how: with some seriously serious shopping. The underground Mary Jane boutique enticed JoEllen with its whimsical shoe selection, a seaweed-colored satin belt, and an expensive but adorable shirt with an Owl screenprinted on it. Nothing was purchased but plenty was admired.

Shopaholic Dreams

Then, proving there was still some sort of pulse in Park City’s quasi-corpse…

Celebrity Sighting Sixteen + Seventeen:
The Stars: Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. and never-ever nominated Matthew Lillard.
The Spot: Slamdance’s Main Lobby.
The Style: Not as stunning as our own. (duh!)

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Matthew Lillard.

We soon attended Slamdance’s Animation Competition, right after William and Slamdance Director of Programming, the sassa-licious Sarah Diamond, completed an extensive and highly conceptual photo shoot – utilizing Bic Pens as pretend milkshake straws. When Laura Linney and Scott Speedman leave town, you pretty much have to make your own magic. But can’t you almost taste the sweetness?

Milkshakin it!

The moon hit the sky and William crashed home, nursing his sore throat and mushy mind with some goopy snorts of Zicam. Jo rocked it hard in Park City a few hours longer – partying it up with The Jamie-Amy pair, where she and the two Canadians came face to face with…

Celebrity Sighting Eighteen:
The Stars: Kung-Fu master, David Carradine.
The Spot: Pre-party for Homo Erectus.
The Style: As creepy in person as he is on film. Yikes and a half!

Fear, we feel fear!

The parties may be further and far between these days, but don’t worry your little heads, bloggy buds. We’ve still got 2 days more to dish on every last drop of Park City deliciousness.

-J + W

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  1. No, William wasn’t talking to Cuba, he was just taking a photo. It’s a common misconception. Still, he was only 2 feet away.

  2. David Carradine was not only frightening in appearence, he was not very nice to the festival programmer. He was a mean eyed saucy ghost rider.

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