Welcome Home

Once upon a time, before The Slamdance Adventure began, a Bon Voyage Party was prepped and planned for The Mallorys cast and crew. But jet-setting Jo was called to New York suddenly on busy business, so the wing ding was canceled and then postponed ‘til after the fest concluded.

In February, at long last, the gang re-assembled, taking turns petting our penny-scented pooch award.

Boy does ‘lil Sparky love a good scratch behind the ears.

Award Winners

In a nod to the Mallorys movie, scene-stealer Allison unleashed a photo cake onto the posh party-goers. It just never gets old cutting through the frosting faces of people you know personally.

Photo Cake

We’re all hoping our next photo cake will be created from the impromptu shoot Ben and his hot date mounted in the basement during the party. We weren’t privy to the top secret session, but Allison did spot a leather harness and some knee socks just as the photo shoot wrapped up.

Sounds definitely delicious, don’t you think?


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