Back to Work

Having finally come down from our fancy festival high, it’s back to the business of actually making movies. After five months in limbo we’re finally sorting out our 11th Candy Eye offering – a bite sized film we suddenly stumbled into shooting late last August.

Leading lady Tina T’s summer tan was then at its apex and, in re-watching our summer footage, we’re totally tickled at what a bronze-a-licious bombshell she’d become. Sophia Loren, watch your back!

Tan Tina

Much of our new movie was shot on a Fisher Price PixelVision camera, which is quite a coincidence, since, back when JoEllen and I were child models, we actually appeared on the packaging of the PixelVision camera! See below.

Pixelvision Camera

Weren’t we cute ‘n cool?

I wish that yellow shirt still fit me.

Anyways…We’ll be tracking the post-production progress on this new smoky, sly film of ours in the coming months, so stay tuned. We’re maybe gonna title the piece:

-10th & 4th

Or something else entirely.

We’ll text message you the second we decide!

4 thoughts on “Back to Work”

  1. I would not have known that was you guys unless you told me. But that is so crazy that you guys were on the packaging…it was a sign even back then!
    On another note…I am glad that you guys decided to pursue finishing this film. My hair thanks you too! I think it has finally recovered from all the ratting it was forced to endure!

  2. I heard that originally you guys were slated to do the pixelvision packaging shoot, but then at the last minute, they decided to go a different way, more “Growing Pains” vs your classic “Family Ties”. Or is it the other way around? But that’s just what I heard. I guess I was wrong.

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