Lounging Around

With the applause still ringing in our ears from our weekend screening at The Walker, we unleashed The Mallorys movie on the boozed-up bunch at The Bryant Lake Bowl a mere four days later. We aim to be officially-over-exposed by early April at the absolute latest. So far, so good, right?

Lounge Line-up

All the Mallory girls showed up for the screening, even the blondest one, since IFP’s monthly Cinema Lounge series is always a bawdy blast. You’re just not gonna see films titled Beerwolf or Urine Trouble anywhere else. Probably.

It’d be lame to say our movie was the best of the night, but it was saved for last, so make your own call, kids. The super-cool Paul Clark, programmer for Cinema Lounge, filled in as moderator this month for the filmmaker Q+A sessions. And although his Q’s for us were honestly just as amazing as the A’s we served him back…sometimes JoEllen couldn’t help taking secret little naps during our session, while William kept wishing he hadn’t grown up in such a sad, sad orphanage. It’s all true! Photos don’t lie:

Q + A time.

All that aside, it was truly a fun, frisky Q+A and Paul and the whole IFP posse are always so great to us.

The evening ended quite cinematically when, outside the Brant Lake Bowl, a fellow filmmaker from the audience approached the hilarious teenage Mallory, Allison True, and asked if she’d be interested in appearing in a comedy feature he’s revving up to shoot later this year.

A starlet is born.

And just like that, a Factory-bred starlet is born!

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  1. I don’t know about starlet. We both look pissed in the photo what’s up with that? I don’t know

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