Butter City Bound

Obviously this blog is a delicious dose of enlightening insight – but if you’re dying to really get inside the minds of The Factory founders, then may we suggest a juicy 30 minute, live-to tape television interview, broadcast without commercial interruption?

Cause we got one of them, kids – coming up soon!

Realizing the energy of the Minneapolis film scene, Twin Cities writer/producer Myron Berdahl recently launched a new talk show devoted entirely to Minnesota filmmakers and their work. Cryptically titled Butter City, Myron kindly invited the Candy Eye crew to appear on the 2nd episode of his nifty new series.

We ran through the opportunity extensively with our agents, managers, and our two cutest lawyers for days on end, and then finally agreed to Mr. Berdahl’s request. Provided that Factory femme fatale Tina T and rising starlet Allison True could appear on the program as well; and that the show shuttle all four of us to and from the studio in a light pink limousine with gray leather seats.

Butter City caved to our demands instantly, and we soon found ourselves in the literally green GreenRoom of Butter City’s St. Paul studio one dreary March morning. We killed the time before our episode’s taping listening to Tina T’s take on the Dark Shadows DVDs she’d been devouring, after which Allison asked the P.A.s to fetch us some colder caviar, please.

The green GreenRoom

We were then ushered into the studio and introduced to the technical staff of the program, who all stared at us without smiling for a hundred million awkward silent moments. We assumed they were just star-struck like the swarms of strangers who come across our paths when we’re at the gas station or the mall, but apparently the crew was just gage-ing our skin tones.

We’re pale. Strangely pale, they sighed.

After adjusting their lighting set-up for our albino-like complexions, and primping and preening our hair and jacket-hoods, we were then met on stage by Butter City’s esteemed host Dan Orozco, the Oprah/James Lipton of the Minneapolis film industry.

Meetin' 'n Greetin'

Together, we sailed through the taping of the perky yet probing episode in the blink of an eye! Though the reclusive Tina T. had never granted a formal interview before, she charmed the (non-existent) studio audience with her candid quips. And cell-phone photos of Allison’s much anticipated first interview were circulating on internet forums before the studio lights were even cold.

On Set

The Butter City series will be premiering locally and (hopefully) state-wide later this spring. We’ll forward you the air dates and times once our agents or cute lawyers get us the specifics. They’re super busy lately, so be a ‘lil patient!

Do check it out though. The Butter City team are awesome and they’ve whipped up a polished, poised, playful series you’ll totally have to Tivo.

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