Visiting Artists

Amidst the chaos of our acceptance to the Slamdance fest, Candy Eye booked a Guest Lecturing gig at The University of Wisconsin, Green Bay for mid April. After months of anticipation, the Factory founders headed east, deep into the land of custard, to at last share our work and our ideas with Green Bay’s brightest young artists.

Our hosts for this visit were Art Agency president and photography major Eric Beining and his energized bunny of a bud, Cory Linsmeyer. The duo greeted us at our hotel with timid grins and nifty gift bags, after which they shuttled us to campus and participated in one of The Factory’s favorite pastimes: impromptu Pretend You’re At a Crowded Hollywood Party-themed photoshoots. (Cory, left, nailed the challenge best, no?)

Hosts with the most

Our hosts then guided us around the art building, introducing us to both faculty and students, who were all as groovy as they were gracious.

Semi-professional narcissists that we are, the highlight of our lovely tour was the series of posters plastered every four feet that Eric had designed in order to publicize our visit. We felt like rock stars, and opted to re-enact our Poster Pose, in person, for our Green Bay ambassadors.

Double Vision

At 3 o’clock we promptly began our lecture for a “record-breaking audience” where we played our hits Digits and The Mallorys prior to unleashing a sneak preview screening of our unreleased next film, The Epicene. We were relieved the attendees had so many questions for us, smart ones to boot, and were surprised that it was the male students in the room, rather than the females, who seemed to be responding most strongly to our über-girly work.

Head of the Class

105 minutes of snappy cinema talk sped by, and after our lecture concluded we traded some mom-ish and im-mature pins from The Mallorys movie with some hot, happening pins Green Bay student Jesse Mitchell had designed for his senior show. Candy Eye never met a pin-pusher we didn’t like. So two snaps to you, Mr. Mitchell!


After a quick hit of thrifting and Candy Eye’s first stroll through a ShopKo store, JoEllen confessed she had always been a little bit Bay-curious, so Eric and Cory drove us to Green Bay’s actual bay for some frisky fun under the sun. We soon brought the experimentation inside for a candle-lit dinner at Grazie’s Ristorante where our Bay Boys wrangled up University professor, Sarah Detweiler, and photography major, Erica Millspaugh, for an intimate night of arty elegance.

We couldn’t have wanted more in our overall college experience. (Except real Wisconsin custard, but maybe next time.)

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  1. Those posters are cool I want one. That guy was hot too, maybe it’s just me being newly single though cause all guys are so hot to me these days!

  2. awww…you guys are swell. i gave my mom a mom-ish pin, she pretty much loved it and had a good chuckle. if ever you happen to the bay again, please do not hesitate to give me a holla.

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