Life on the Festival Circuit

Once your movie hits “blockbuster” status like The Mallorys basically has, the constant screenings eventually blur together. The main highlights of our latest showing at The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival were-

A. The audience laughed sooner and more often than at any other screening, including the awkward moment when Meg whines, “I wish I could’ve been on the cake and stuff then.”

M-SPIFF Time Again!

And then…

B. A giant Man-Turkey came to the show.

A Man-Turkey at The Mallorys screening

It’s cool when Justine Bateman and Wes Bentley like your movie but what we’ve really longed for was the approval of a good Man-Turkey or two. Obviously.

One thought on “Life on the Festival Circuit”

  1. You can only imagine my shock and awe when I came across your website on MySpace. Two of the most creative people I went to high school with still friends and really making a name for themselves. Bravo!! It is fun tracking your success. Keep up the great blogs!! PS. If you ever need cute kids- I have 4 of them AHHHHH

    Emily (Holmes) Peeler

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