Movies 10 + 11

After three painful months, William has emerged from the editing room at last. And so our eleventh featurette is now complete! We didn’t title it Discretion after all, and we didn’t title it Risks either.

The piece will now and forever be known as Tape Eleven but, unfortunately, we’ll be keeping it locked up in the Candy Eye vaults for most of the year.

Run Tina Run!

Tape Eleven must patiently wait for its moment in the spotlight because first we will be unleashing Factory film ten, The Epicene, onto filmy fests around the world.

The Epicene: Making Of

The official Epicene page will launch on our website shortly. A few behind the scenes secrets before then:

– We didn’t so much direct our actors as simply whisper the words Gesso or Oceans from behind the camera before each take to set them into character. (Honestly though, that was all that was required.)

– Candy Eye’s tradition of abusing leading lady Tina T. with obnoxiously dark eyebrow pencil reached new limits in the film’s three press conference scenes. (We’ve maybe learned our lesson on that front now.)

– Belts make good necklaces and…

– Necklaces make nice belts. In movies, at least.

– And lastly, the key to a hot on-screen hermaphrodite is super soft focus, billowing Hiawatha-style hair, and slow sullen blinks.

Come to think of it, the key to any Candy Eye scene probably includes a few slow, sullen blinks. Right?

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  1. new movies ! new movies !
    (or, “new movie” – since i did get to see The Epicene its (pretend) world debut screening)

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