Pre-Factory Flashback: June 1993

Life before The Factory was founded wasn’t terribly different than it is now. Just take a look at what we were up to this week 14 long years ago.

We celebrated the first day of summer vacation 1993 by heading into a dusty field to film Bandana Trail – an action-filled adventure flick in which JoEllen played a sweet-natured cowgirl named Cherokee and Tina T portrayed her tricky sidekick, Short Cut. The blondest Mallory, Lizzie, strutted into the role of their snickering nemesis, Rattlesnake. So silly, yet somehow so Candy Eye.

Pre-Factory Fun

We didn’t quite have the discipline then that we do now, however. When temperatures soared into the upper 80s we abandoned the film forever, opting instead to organize a sudden pool party in Tina T’s back yard.

The 9 opening minutes of Bandana Trail remain, however, including the opening credits sequence set, logically, to an En Vogue song.

Bootleg copies of this rare, pre-Factory film have surfaced on e-bay with ending bids as high as 97 dollars!

But if you ever spot such a copy, let us know. We’ll need to litigate.

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