Here We Go Again!

After a series of false-starts, The Factory is now thankfully back on track in getting its next major project up and running.

Earlier in the summer, various films about Japanese telethons, 1960s girl groups, and vending machine treasures were developed to varying states of completion, but none of the concepts quite carried that special Candy Eye spark – so, sadly, the ideas were all discarded.

Echoes of these ideas may pop up in future Factory films someday, but for now the Candy Eye Kids have settled on an entirely different concept for its highly anticipated 12th movie.

Factory Flick 12: A Mystery

We can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet with any major details regarding theme or plot – but we plan on stashing the Candy Eye closet with cropped knickers, colored felt hats, and a vintage typewriter when the time comes to shop for the film’s wardrobe and props!

This mysterious 12th film will be the first Factory production our film-fans will be able to track all the way through, from conception to completion – thanks to our trusty new blog, here.

So check back constantly to watch us work our movie magic over the coming, crazy months!

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