Change of Plans


Remember the Mystery Movie we announced way back in July that we’d be shooting throughout the fall and documenting via our blog? Obviously that project was sidelined and all that remains of that dream is a trio of happy-colored hats our heroines would’ve worn in the epic film.

Hats - (not the Amy Grant song)

But out of the ashes of that ill-fated film rises our latest flick we’ll call The Schiller Guide for now. We’ve booked all three of the Mallorys girls to appear in the piece, while Lady Jo will make her triumphant return to the big screen as the 4th member of our all-female cast.

Let’s cut to the chase, though. What in the world will our Candy Eye cuties be wearing in The Factory’s 12th film? Our thrifting adventures focused around scoring some killer culottes, at least one prairie jacket, and a collection of turtlenecks we plan on pairing with anything and everything.

Fierce Finds

It sounds a bit pedestrian, perhaps, but cross our hearts, there’s tons of glamour, gorgeousness, silliness and sexiness waiting in the wings as well. (Plus our trademark sunglasses and a hat that lights up.) Come back and see for yourself over the next few weeks!

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  1. Put the hats just randomly set in the backround for one of the shots on this film. It will be a dedication to the film that might have been

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