So this 12th video of ours was intended as a simple mini-movie (aren’t they all?), but we knew it had blossomed into something a bit more substantial when we realized the film was going to require 69 different outfits! That’s gotta be some sort of Factory record.

Sea of Clothes

We dove deep into our Candy Eye Costume Closet to complete the mission and will be presenting on-screen, at last, some fabulous pieces that have been sitting around in our fashion stashes before the Factory was ever even officially founded. Get ready for your close-up, purple wool bell-bottoms!

Aside from costumes, one of our main pre-production missions was to decide how to shoot the project in order to give it an Instructional Video-looking rawness, without losing the polished sheen we coat our creations with usually. The magical solution seems to be shooting at a 1/30 shutter speed, in case you care.

Camera Tests

Aside from that we’re discovering pumpkin-orange bedsheets as backdrops and swarms of silly 70s eyeglasses will be “crucial-crucial pieces”, as the trashy Mallory would say, in turning this ‘lil video into a big ol’ winner.

Four-Eyed and Fierce