Filming with The Factory Pt. 1

Our first day of shooting “The Schiller Guide” was a dizzy little whirl. We had aimed to conquer 29 scenes, completed 28 of them amazingly, somehow – but then realized soon enough we’d probably face some re-shooting down the road.

But C’est la vie for Le Factory.

Having skipped wardrobe and hair tests for this project, mostly we were relieved to have successfully created the JC Penny catalog circa-1979 look we had been working toward for all 4 of our leading ladies. When a girl makes us giggle in her get-up, then we know we’re on the right track and our first day of filming was “fulla giggles”.

Lush Brushing

For Tina the key was tinted eye-glasses (wait ’til you see)! For JoEllen, it commonly was a pair of Mindy Cohn-ish barrettes. Allison’s brand new bangs were hot ‘n hip for 2007 and yet oh-so perfect for ‘79 as well. And Lizzie’s lush locks were straightened Brady-Girl style, and her collection of high-waisted mom slacks were instant MVPs.

So now, get this: In our nearly two decades of mini-moviemaking the Factory Friends had never employed the use of cue cards for any of their productions until now!


The crew banded solidly together to guide Lady Lizzie valiantly through her on-screen reading of her lines that we needed stilted seeming – yet cutely charming.

Cue Card Reading

Leave it to Lizzie, of course. Her stilted was some of the most charming we’ve seriously ever had.

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