Filming with The Factory Pt. 2

We hit our stride on the second day of shooting the Models Movie and knocked off another 27 silly little scenes. When JoEllen wasn’t on screen playing the most secret-filled of the 4 Schiller Girls, she was fluttering about behind the scenes making certain the rest of the cast was Factory-fabulous, head to toe. Witness her hard work below.

SCENE: 14b, Re-Cap Hugs Montage
WARDROBE: Liz = Helena Merchant sparkle sweater, dark denim skirt, Karen Mulder hair-do.
Jo = Birdy blouse, tan corduroy vest, brown waitress skirt, Facts of Life barrettes.

Hair Did

SCENE: 09d, Trend Trackers
WARDROBE: Tina = Rainbow stripe suspenders, black leotard, sailor-legged jeans, white gloves.

Right in White

SCENE: 10a, Allison Storms Off
WARDROBE: Allison + Liz = Peachy bath towels, coral shower caps.

Towel Time

Two days down, only one more to go!