The Results Are In!

Polls for The Name Game 08 are closed. The record-breaking amount of votes have been carefully tallied by the trusted officials at the accounting firm of Wilson, Phillips & Associates out of New York City.

And here, people, are your official results…

The Schiller Girls

The Feisty Model: The name Penny was a popular choice but in the end Jessi was the name the public thought sounded the spiciest for Allison True’s saucy character.

The Secretive Model: Votes were spread generously amongst many of the five contenders with Chelsea and Sandra eventually tying for first place. The Candy Eye crew broke the tie themselves, thinking the name Chelsea would sound too much like the name Jessi, (which Allison had already been dubbed as). Plus our high school choir teacher was named Sandra – so Sandra it shall be for JoEllen’s mysterious model!

The Dull Model: William was secretly hoping the name Colleen would win, but Pam was far and away the most popular pick for Tina Testa’s goony girl model. Have it your way, America.

The Foxy Model: Lydia was the clear front runner and eventual winner, but as Lizzie’s lovely character had already tentatively been dubbed Brenda during filming of the project, it was up to Lizzie herself whether to officially switch to Lydia or stick with Brenda. Trembling at the monumental choice before her, Lizzie just couldn’t deny the fervor of her voting public. So Brenda is now history and Lydia is Lizzie’s future, for which she graciously thanks you.

Fellow Americans, click below to meet The 4 Schiller Girls, as named by you!

No Longer Nameless

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