Editing Movie 12

We know it’s been shockingly quiet on the Model Movie blog the last few months, but actually editing the project was all the chaos that Candy Eye could handle!

To keep you up to date on our plentiful progress, here’s a timeline of how post production went down – so far.

The Mission: Chisel the movie into a super-crude rough cut set to William’s 13 minute scratch narration track.

The Face of Goodness

Lessons Learned: The movie, and thus the narration, needed to be 2 minutes shorter, and the minimalistic visuals would eventually need a lot of Digits-like juicing and sprucing up.

The Mission: Whittle down the narration script into a sassy, sharp spike. Casually beg The Legend of Santa Susanna‘s acclaimed voice-over talent, Rob Dogg D, to lend his gifts to our new project, minus the southern twang this time.

Models Movie Narration

Lessons Learned: How much we love our expensive white narration microphone. And how endlessly amusing it is to pronounce the phrase “Another Schiller Lesson” with a lazily German accent.

The Mission: Re-edit the film to Rob’s spot-on narration. Watch 3-2-1 Contact and Charlie’s Angels credits sequences on YouTube in order to lend our Models Movie the appropriate 1979-ish graphic and textual flare.

Radials Rule

Lessons Learned: Bauhaus and Braggadocio are brilliant fonts, and radial-edged boxes are the new black.

The Mission: Score the film with lame elevator-music type songs.


Lessons Learned: Broadening our 70s sounds with funky traces of Fat Albert, ABBA, CHiPS, Mr. Rogers, and AIR helps keep our movie’s soundtrack feeling retro, right and rounded!

The Mission: Polish the visuals one last time, re-record Lizzie as Lydia’s Rapport Tip dialogue.


Lessons Learned: Sometimes a great microphone is more trouble than a bad one.

Shadowy Schiller Girls

Current Project Status: The movie’s still not totally done yet – but give us 5 or 6 days, and then the story might be different.

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