Film 12 – Finito

The Factory is fond of placing our nearly-finished films on the shelf for a few months, then revisiting them again with fresh eyes ‘n ears to make any final tweaks.

Such was the case with our modeling movie this summer. 99 percent complete as of early May, when viewed again in July it was decided we should re-dub Allison’s Trend Tracker speech the same way we had done Lizzie’s Schiller Girl Tip speech so that the two sections would feel cohesive and clear.

We booked a not-so state-of-the-art recording studio in a haunted mansion void of electricity and had Allison mimic her original recording while listening to it on The Factory’s semi-official iPod Touch.

Fun with Dubbing

With her new dubs laid into the edit, the movie was complete. Only thing left to do was select the actual name of the flick.

The Schiller Guide was what we had been calling the movie the last 10 months, and it seemed organic and simple.

The Schiller Guide to Photographic Modeling was considered as another title.

As was The Schiller Guide: Chapter 3.

After much agonizing, we opted for something a bit cheekier and thus more Candy Eye. Our 12th Factory film is officially titled…

Movie 12: How To Pose

How To Pose

We’ll keep you posted on it’s eventual premiere!