In Good Company…

What do JoEllen and William suddenly have in common with David Lynch, Martin Scorsese and Milos Forman?

Basically we’ve amassed a deep and dazzling enough oeuvre of cinematic gems to have garnered our very own retrospective!

The bold and brilliant Bearded Child Film Festival is heading to Minneapolis this August to offer its cinematic vision to ever larger crowds, and has honored The Candy Eye Factory with a request to host a retrospective of our work in semi-experimental film!

Retrospective Poster 2

We’re flattered and excited by this opportunity, and with our 12th Factory film just recently completed, we feel it’s the perfect moment to look back at our movie-making journey and examine how our individual small films weave together into a larger aesthetic statement.

We’re narrowing the line-up for our retrospective into an hour long show, including a post screening Q+A. We’ll announce the program on our blog shortly.

Since the show will be 100% Candy Eye and thereby free of any cinematic-filler, we invite all our friends and part-time fans to partake in this special and scrumptious screening.

Check back as the details unfold…