Some Perspective on Our Retrospective

Candy Eye is never really sure where it fits into the larger cinema world with our work. We’re a bit acerbic ‘n adventurous for traditionalists, yet too neat in our narratives for experimentalists.


Initially during our much anticipated Retrospective screening we felt a little unsure of ourselves – playing to a noticeably non-mainstream crowd. But by the time our dramedy Brite lit up the screen and each of Shari and Danielle’s mounting humiliations in the film were met with deeper and darker laughter, we realized something…

Breakfast Revelations

Laying out our short films side by side at the Bedlam Theatre, our work was at last no longer burdened with having to veer closer toward the mainstream or farther away from it. After six years of Factory output, our offbeat voice could simply play out long enough and strong enough that, after a few short minutes, it was clear to most everyone present just what we’d had to say through our many years of atypical filmmaking.

The Big Night

Event organizers noted our screening was the best attended and best received of the Minneapolis Bearded Child fest. Apparently if you spend enough years almost fitting into both the mainstream and the underground like The Factory has…then eventually the mainstream and underground start trying to fit in with you!

It’s nice.

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