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Couch potatoes statewide should be pleased to know that The Factory’s 10th film, The Epicene, will be airing on TPT channel 2 this holiday season as part of the MNTV series, an annual showcase of Minnesota’s best short films!

The Epicene is Candy Eye’s fifth film to be invited into MNTV (we can’t believe it!) and it’s always a blast heading to the TPT studios in St. Paul to shoot the pre-taped interview packages that air prior to our selected films. Stringing the lapel microphones up under our shirts always makes us feel so Ashton and Demi-like.

Wiring up.

Way back since our 2004 visit it’s been a Factory tradition to plop JoEllen on the lamp post outside the TPT studios and snap digi-pics of her MNTV-induced glee, right before or after our interviews. Here’s the proof:

Through the years...

Her golden mane has gone through some transformations perhaps, but Lady J hasn’t aged but a day in all these years, has she? Local, low-level fame keeps one looking youthful, they say.

So flip open your datebooks now, friends! The Epicene is set to air during program 2 of MNTV this year.

Bruno + Filippa

December 21 at 10 pm – channel 2.
Again on December 27 at 10pm – channel 17.

Consider it an early (or then late) stocking stuffer from the Candy Eye elves!

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