Strike a Pose

When in between film productions, the Candy Eye kids like to keep their creative juices flowing by mounting faux fashion-mag shoots.


The Factory’s costume closet is filled with bin after bin of belts and beads and boots that have never yet made it into one of our films – it’s only right to rescue them from the shadows of storage and allow them to shine.


Previous pre-Candy Eye photo shoot themes include 70’s Stone-eyed Mannequins a la Prada, Trailer Trash Tarts on a Romantic Roadtrip, and Paparazzi-pursued Pretend Superstars of 60s Italian Cinema. Our most recent shoot followed a Folky Foothills vibe, with anything embroidered or braided being highly coveted.


Half a dozen cameras were used to capture our fashion adventure through the arctic plains of Minnesota.


Our most successful images resulted from shooting on slide-film and then having the images cross-processed into bleakly beautiful almost patina-ed seeming prints.


Hypothermia aside, it was a hot & haute afternoon of friends & fashion – the crucial cornerstones of Candy Eye creativity.