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Film 12 – Finito

The Factory is fond of placing our nearly-finished films on the shelf for a few months, then revisiting them again with fresh eyes ‘n ears to make any final tweaks.

Such was the case with our modeling movie this summer. 99 percent complete as of early May, when viewed again in July it was decided we should re-dub Allison’s Trend Tracker speech the same way we had done Lizzie’s Schiller Girl Tip speech so that the two sections would feel cohesive and clear.

We booked a not-so state-of-the-art recording studio in a haunted mansion void of electricity and had Allison mimic her original recording while listening to it on The Factory’s semi-official iPod Touch.

Fun with Dubbing

With her new dubs laid into the edit, the movie was complete. Only thing left to do was select the actual name of the flick.

The Schiller Guide was what we had been calling the movie the last 10 months, and it seemed organic and simple.

The Schiller Guide to Photographic Modeling was considered as another title.

As was The Schiller Guide: Chapter 3.

After much agonizing, we opted for something a bit cheekier and thus more Candy Eye. Our 12th Factory film is officially titled…

Movie 12: How To Pose

How To Pose

We’ll keep you posted on it’s eventual premiere!

Editing Movie 12

We know it’s been shockingly quiet on the Model Movie blog the last few months, but actually editing the project was all the chaos that Candy Eye could handle!

To keep you up to date on our plentiful progress, here’s a timeline of how post production went down – so far.

The Mission: Chisel the movie into a super-crude rough cut set to William’s 13 minute scratch narration track.

The Face of Goodness

Lessons Learned: The movie, and thus the narration, needed to be 2 minutes shorter, and the minimalistic visuals would eventually need a lot of Digits-like juicing and sprucing up.

The Mission: Whittle down the narration script into a sassy, sharp spike. Casually beg The Legend of Santa Susanna‘s acclaimed voice-over talent, Rob Dogg D, to lend his gifts to our new project, minus the southern twang this time.

Models Movie Narration

Lessons Learned: How much we love our expensive white narration microphone. And how endlessly amusing it is to pronounce the phrase “Another Schiller Lesson” with a lazily German accent.

The Mission: Re-edit the film to Rob’s spot-on narration. Watch 3-2-1 Contact and Charlie’s Angels credits sequences on YouTube in order to lend our Models Movie the appropriate 1979-ish graphic and textual flare.

Radials Rule

Lessons Learned: Bauhaus and Braggadocio are brilliant fonts, and radial-edged boxes are the new black.

The Mission: Score the film with lame elevator-music type songs.


Lessons Learned: Broadening our 70s sounds with funky traces of Fat Albert, ABBA, CHiPS, Mr. Rogers, and AIR helps keep our movie’s soundtrack feeling retro, right and rounded!

The Mission: Polish the visuals one last time, re-record Lizzie as Lydia’s Rapport Tip dialogue.


Lessons Learned: Sometimes a great microphone is more trouble than a bad one.

Shadowy Schiller Girls

Current Project Status: The movie’s still not totally done yet – but give us 5 or 6 days, and then the story might be different.

Name Game 08 – Poll no. 1

We officially invite our fans ‘n friends to work with us on our 12th movie (all about models in the 1970s) by naming its 4 Leading Ladies. The winning names you help to elect for the girls will be used in our final film, so rock the vote hardcore, friends.

First up on the ballot is Miss Martinson’s character.

Nameless JoEllen.

JoEllen plays the sunniest, most naturally-talented of all the models, but is filled with shadowy secrets. Consider quite carefully, does this character sound most like someone named-

or Gloria


Filming with The Factory Pt. 2

We hit our stride on the second day of shooting the Models Movie and knocked off another 27 silly little scenes. When JoEllen wasn’t on screen playing the most secret-filled of the 4 Schiller Girls, she was fluttering about behind the scenes making certain the rest of the cast was Factory-fabulous, head to toe. Witness her hard work below.

SCENE: 14b, Re-Cap Hugs Montage
WARDROBE: Liz = Helena Merchant sparkle sweater, dark denim skirt, Karen Mulder hair-do.
Jo = Birdy blouse, tan corduroy vest, brown waitress skirt, Facts of Life barrettes.

Hair Did

SCENE: 09d, Trend Trackers
WARDROBE: Tina = Rainbow stripe suspenders, black leotard, sailor-legged jeans, white gloves.

Right in White

SCENE: 10a, Allison Storms Off
WARDROBE: Allison + Liz = Peachy bath towels, coral shower caps.

Towel Time

Two days down, only one more to go!

Here We Go Again!

After a series of false-starts, The Factory is now thankfully back on track in getting its next major project up and running.

Earlier in the summer, various films about Japanese telethons, 1960s girl groups, and vending machine treasures were developed to varying states of completion, but none of the concepts quite carried that special Candy Eye spark – so, sadly, the ideas were all discarded.

Echoes of these ideas may pop up in future Factory films someday, but for now the Candy Eye Kids have settled on an entirely different concept for its highly anticipated 12th movie.

Factory Flick 12: A Mystery

We can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet with any major details regarding theme or plot – but we plan on stashing the Candy Eye closet with cropped knickers, colored felt hats, and a vintage typewriter when the time comes to shop for the film’s wardrobe and props!

This mysterious 12th film will be the first Factory production our film-fans will be able to track all the way through, from conception to completion – thanks to our trusty new blog, here.

So check back constantly to watch us work our movie magic over the coming, crazy months!

The Mallorys on DVD has chosen our limited edition The Mallorys Go Black Market DVD from out of thousands of submissions to be offered in their Next Big Thing line of products for 2007. If you’ve never browsed FredFlare it’s just about the happiest online store there is – jam packed with Factory faves like over-sized sunglasses, pastel jelly shoes, and now our delicious DVD!

The Mallorys hit Fred Flare

Embrace your inner-fashionista – check out all the awesome Next Big offerings right here!

Back to Work

Having finally come down from our fancy festival high, it’s back to the business of actually making movies. After five months in limbo we’re finally sorting out our 11th Candy Eye offering – a bite sized film we suddenly stumbled into shooting late last August.

Leading lady Tina T’s summer tan was then at its apex and, in re-watching our summer footage, we’re totally tickled at what a bronze-a-licious bombshell she’d become. Sophia Loren, watch your back!

Tan Tina

Much of our new movie was shot on a Fisher Price PixelVision camera, which is quite a coincidence, since, back when JoEllen and I were child models, we actually appeared on the packaging of the PixelVision camera! See below.

Pixelvision Camera

Weren’t we cute ‘n cool?

I wish that yellow shirt still fit me.

Anyways…We’ll be tracking the post-production progress on this new smoky, sly film of ours in the coming months, so stay tuned. We’re maybe gonna title the piece:

-10th & 4th

Or something else entirely.

We’ll text message you the second we decide!

Welcome Home

Once upon a time, before The Slamdance Adventure began, a Bon Voyage Party was prepped and planned for The Mallorys cast and crew. But jet-setting Jo was called to New York suddenly on busy business, so the wing ding was canceled and then postponed ‘til after the fest concluded.

In February, at long last, the gang re-assembled, taking turns petting our penny-scented pooch award.

Boy does ‘lil Sparky love a good scratch behind the ears.

Award Winners

In a nod to the Mallorys movie, scene-stealer Allison unleashed a photo cake onto the posh party-goers. It just never gets old cutting through the frosting faces of people you know personally.

Photo Cake

We’re all hoping our next photo cake will be created from the impromptu shoot Ben and his hot date mounted in the basement during the party. We weren’t privy to the top secret session, but Allison did spot a leather harness and some knee socks just as the photo shoot wrapped up.

Sounds definitely delicious, don’t you think?