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Sippin’ on Success

You never forget your first public screening and for Candy Eye, it was at IFP’s Cinema Lounge, five Januarys ago. We’ve since screened our work on British sea vessels, and for Hollywood heartthrobs, and at world-class museums, but we can’t resist returning to the arms of Cinema Lounge, year after year, for fun and unfussy film-screening trysts.

The ever-seductive C. Lounge turned 20 this year and to celebrate this momentous milestone IFP rounded up the top 40-ish films to have ever played at The Lounge and ordered the movie-going public to pick their top three picks of the past two decades.

A Show 20 Years In The Making

The unstoppable Betsy Benson & The Bow Tie Boy(s) was the public’s top pick, gosh golly, and this and the other “Best Of” films were screened at the Minnesota History Center the night of October 23rd. It was just like a typical Bryant Lake Bowl Cinema Lounge screening but with slightly better views of the screen, and way less quesadillas and domestic beer.

Q's with some A's.

Man-about-town Lounge-host Dan Orozco has conducted countless interviews with the Factory founders over the years, but always manages to find something untouched and unexpected to bring to our and the audience’s attention during the post-film Q+As. Someone get that man a raise or maybe a Sirius Satellite talk show.

Shaken, Not Stirred

Tasteful trophies were given out to the trio of top vote-getters, so since JoEllen was granted custody of our Sparky-dog statuette from Slamdance, William will be displaying The Factory’s elegant new IFP-tini Award in his Irving Ave. edit suite.

Betsy and the missing Boy.

The trophy stands as both an intoxicating inspiration that the smallest film, the smallest idea can go on to live a large, long life and a sobering reminder as well that those especially magical ideas don’t really come from you – – if you’re lucky, once in a blue moon, those ideas just get to come through you.

Slamdance Day Nine: The Party Ends

We spent another morning sleeping in (well, 7:45) then headed to the Spotted Frog to post our blog. We were delighted to see that our cinematic adventures were mentioned by our hometown press, The Star Tribune.

We caught a shuttle into town to see the Slamdance $99 Specials (films made by Slamdance alums who’ve been given a $99 budget to make films under 5 minutes long). The offerings were campy, silly, crowd pleasers and truly low budget filmmaking at its core.

Since Park City is mostly a ghost town lately and the Slamdance staff was busy packing up the office, we amused ourselves with a trek to World Market and TJ Maxx. Not really blog-worthy material, but we were mega-bored.

We didn’t see any new celebs but we never did share with y’all that we also spotted Billy Baldwin and Jason Dohring of Veronica Mars during our trip – both in the lobby of Slamdance HQ. Did you know Billy Baldwin is actually really tall? You do now.

We planned once again to meet up with Duncan Ferguson, our favorite Virginian, for a dishy dinner. Tonight it was bowls of noodly Vietnamese soup and talk about art schools. We all got fun fortunes in our cookies, but William’s seemed the most apropos.
William's Fortune

We headed to the TM Inn for the awards ceremony and closing night party. The Main Screening room had been converted into a festive party room, and the thermostat was cranked to 117 degrees.

We soon learned William’s Fortune Cookie fate was indeed accurate. Guess which film won the 2007 Spirit of Slamdance Award?

Award Winners

The Mallorys Go Black Market did! Chosen by the 2007 filmmakers, The Spirit of Slamdance Award “is presented for exhibiting passion and talent as a filmmaker, commitment to the independent community and enthusiastically embracing all Slamdance has to offer.”

Thank you to all our fellow filmmakers for voting for us and becoming our friends. You’re Foxy! Thanks to the Slamdance staff for including us in the 2007 program, and embracing our lo-fi, little project. And thanks times ten to our families for always enduring and supporting our chaotic commitment to cinema. Most importantly, thanks to Lizzie, Tina, Allison and Ben – the best and brightest cast we’ve ever had.

The prize for The Spirit of Slamdance was 3 bottles of whisky. Since we’re totally tee-totalers at Candy Eye we offloaded our bountiful booze to a handful of our new filmmaker friends.

Prize giveaway.

Once home, we’ll be sharing joint custody of Sparky, the Slamdance dog statuette who’s making the trip home to Minneapolis via carry-on luggage tucked safely in a boot.

Kissing Sparky.

This trip has been the ultimate emotional rollercoaster. Such highs, such lows, such twists, turns and over so fast. We’ll never forget this ride and it was great to share it with you our bloggy buds.

If you’re dying to find out what happens to us next, sign up for our Candy Eye Circular which will bring you the latest Factory news 3-ish times a year.

Later, gators – for now!

J.F.F. – Here’s the complete list of Slamdance 2007 Award Winners.

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