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Strike a Pose

When in between film productions, the Candy Eye kids like to keep their creative juices flowing by mounting faux fashion-mag shoots.


The Factory’s costume closet is filled with bin after bin of belts and beads and boots that have never yet made it into one of our films – it’s only right to rescue them from the shadows of storage and allow them to shine.


Previous pre-Candy Eye photo shoot themes include 70’s Stone-eyed Mannequins a la Prada, Trailer Trash Tarts on a Romantic Roadtrip, and Paparazzi-pursued Pretend Superstars of 60s Italian Cinema. Our most recent shoot followed a Folky Foothills vibe, with anything embroidered or braided being highly coveted.


Half a dozen cameras were used to capture our fashion adventure through the arctic plains of Minnesota.


Our most successful images resulted from shooting on slide-film and then having the images cross-processed into bleakly beautiful almost patina-ed seeming prints.


Hypothermia aside, it was a hot & haute afternoon of friends & fashion – the crucial cornerstones of Candy Eye creativity.

Film 12 – Finito

The Factory is fond of placing our nearly-finished films on the shelf for a few months, then revisiting them again with fresh eyes ‘n ears to make any final tweaks.

Such was the case with our modeling movie this summer. 99 percent complete as of early May, when viewed again in July it was decided we should re-dub Allison’s Trend Tracker speech the same way we had done Lizzie’s Schiller Girl Tip speech so that the two sections would feel cohesive and clear.

We booked a not-so state-of-the-art recording studio in a haunted mansion void of electricity and had Allison mimic her original recording while listening to it on The Factory’s semi-official iPod Touch.

Fun with Dubbing

With her new dubs laid into the edit, the movie was complete. Only thing left to do was select the actual name of the flick.

The Schiller Guide was what we had been calling the movie the last 10 months, and it seemed organic and simple.

The Schiller Guide to Photographic Modeling was considered as another title.

As was The Schiller Guide: Chapter 3.

After much agonizing, we opted for something a bit cheekier and thus more Candy Eye. Our 12th Factory film is officially titled…

Movie 12: How To Pose

How To Pose

We’ll keep you posted on it’s eventual premiere!

Editing Movie 12

We know it’s been shockingly quiet on the Model Movie blog the last few months, but actually editing the project was all the chaos that Candy Eye could handle!

To keep you up to date on our plentiful progress, here’s a timeline of how post production went down – so far.

The Mission: Chisel the movie into a super-crude rough cut set to William’s 13 minute scratch narration track.

The Face of Goodness

Lessons Learned: The movie, and thus the narration, needed to be 2 minutes shorter, and the minimalistic visuals would eventually need a lot of Digits-like juicing and sprucing up.

The Mission: Whittle down the narration script into a sassy, sharp spike. Casually beg The Legend of Santa Susanna‘s acclaimed voice-over talent, Rob Dogg D, to lend his gifts to our new project, minus the southern twang this time.

Models Movie Narration

Lessons Learned: How much we love our expensive white narration microphone. And how endlessly amusing it is to pronounce the phrase “Another Schiller Lesson” with a lazily German accent.

The Mission: Re-edit the film to Rob’s spot-on narration. Watch 3-2-1 Contact and Charlie’s Angels credits sequences on YouTube in order to lend our Models Movie the appropriate 1979-ish graphic and textual flare.

Radials Rule

Lessons Learned: Bauhaus and Braggadocio are brilliant fonts, and radial-edged boxes are the new black.

The Mission: Score the film with lame elevator-music type songs.


Lessons Learned: Broadening our 70s sounds with funky traces of Fat Albert, ABBA, CHiPS, Mr. Rogers, and AIR helps keep our movie’s soundtrack feeling retro, right and rounded!

The Mission: Polish the visuals one last time, re-record Lizzie as Lydia’s Rapport Tip dialogue.


Lessons Learned: Sometimes a great microphone is more trouble than a bad one.

Shadowy Schiller Girls

Current Project Status: The movie’s still not totally done yet – but give us 5 or 6 days, and then the story might be different.

The Results Are In!

Polls for The Name Game 08 are closed. The record-breaking amount of votes have been carefully tallied by the trusted officials at the accounting firm of Wilson, Phillips & Associates out of New York City.

And here, people, are your official results…

The Schiller Girls

The Feisty Model: The name Penny was a popular choice but in the end Jessi was the name the public thought sounded the spiciest for Allison True’s saucy character.

The Secretive Model: Votes were spread generously amongst many of the five contenders with Chelsea and Sandra eventually tying for first place. The Candy Eye crew broke the tie themselves, thinking the name Chelsea would sound too much like the name Jessi, (which Allison had already been dubbed as). Plus our high school choir teacher was named Sandra – so Sandra it shall be for JoEllen’s mysterious model!

The Dull Model: William was secretly hoping the name Colleen would win, but Pam was far and away the most popular pick for Tina Testa’s goony girl model. Have it your way, America.

The Foxy Model: Lydia was the clear front runner and eventual winner, but as Lizzie’s lovely character had already tentatively been dubbed Brenda during filming of the project, it was up to Lizzie herself whether to officially switch to Lydia or stick with Brenda. Trembling at the monumental choice before her, Lizzie just couldn’t deny the fervor of her voting public. So Brenda is now history and Lydia is Lizzie’s future, for which she graciously thanks you.

Fellow Americans, click below to meet The 4 Schiller Girls, as named by you!

Continue reading

Name Game 08 – Poll no. 4

We’re all about collaboration and gettin’ goofy at The Factory, so with both those factors in mind, we officially invite you to work with us on our 12th movie by naming its 4 Leading Ladies.

The winning names you help to elect for the girls will be used in our final film, so rock the vote hardcore, friends.

Though Lizzie Martinson’s curvaceous character had previously been dubbed Brenda during the shooting of our film, this isn’t set in stone. Perhaps one of the names in the poll below would be a better fit. Cast your vote, and America’s top pick will later go head to head with the name Brenda – with Lizzie herself making the final call this time!

Lizzie Needs a Name

Lizzie’s model character is the most beautiful of the bunch, a blessing/curse she wears with an icy aloofness – – A princess like this would probably be named:



Name Game 08 – Poll no. 1

We officially invite our fans ‘n friends to work with us on our 12th movie (all about models in the 1970s) by naming its 4 Leading Ladies. The winning names you help to elect for the girls will be used in our final film, so rock the vote hardcore, friends.

First up on the ballot is Miss Martinson’s character.

Nameless JoEllen.

JoEllen plays the sunniest, most naturally-talented of all the models, but is filled with shadowy secrets. Consider quite carefully, does this character sound most like someone named-

or Gloria


Filming with The Factory Pt. 3

The third and final day of filming “The Schiller Guide” consisted solely of re-shoots including Scene 06cStatic Posing Intro with an improved, softer lighting scheme; Scene 10cHands Lesson, but with JoEllen wearing bangle bracelets this time (thank God!); and Scene 07eWet Hair Lizzie, minus the wet hair.

For this, the 12th movie from The Factory, the rear nook of the Candy Eye soundstage had been converted into our accessories arsenal. A peek at its main table reveals but some of our glamorous goodies. And although we are curators of the midwest’s largest collection of 70’s era “Jewess sunglasses”, sadly, only but one or two made their appearance on screen for this production.

Tools of the trade.

One of our favorite sections from the first day of shooting involved the models whipping their hairy heads luxuriously towards the camera all Pantene ProV-like. So on our final day, we stocked up on promotional photos demonstrating this technique and are including a blurry, blooper-y reject for now. The perfect, polished glory of what industry insiders refer to as “The Paski Spin” will be revealed at a later date, many times over.


Okay, so…having made an outrageous fortune off our blockbuster Mallorys movie, The Factory founders were tempted to flitter away their stash of Candy Eye cash on Prada pajamas or perhaps a Porsche – but decided instead to re-invest their money in the future of The Factory and purchase something we had long dreamed of owning: The 2nd most expensive steamer that Target offers – the 65 dollar one!

Armed at last with this mid-priced marvel, never will the King and Queen of Candy Eye have to worry about wrinkled trench coats or crumpled pencil skirts in their films ever again. Here, Tina and JoEllen demonstrate the glory of the Official Factory Steamer, as they magically mist the kinks out of Allison’s costume for scene 08cShow Pony Posing.

Teen Steam

With 11 scenes re-shot in under 4 hours, we concluded principal photography for “The Schiller Guide” movie at 9:30 on a Monday night. In Hollywood they say, “That’s a Wrap!” In Factory City however, William instead shouts, “Who are you and how long will you last?” And then the cast shrieks back the Name of the movie at him, followed by the word Girls, and then the word Forever.

Sounds tricky, but look how slick ‘n simple it actually is in execution.

William: Hey ladies! Who are you and how long will you last?

Jo, Tina, Lizzie, & Allison: We’re The Schiller Guide girls…Forever!

The Schiller Girls

And then we all dance around like twits for two minutes. On film, of course – cause otherwise, what would be the point?

Filming with The Factory Pt. 2

We hit our stride on the second day of shooting the Models Movie and knocked off another 27 silly little scenes. When JoEllen wasn’t on screen playing the most secret-filled of the 4 Schiller Girls, she was fluttering about behind the scenes making certain the rest of the cast was Factory-fabulous, head to toe. Witness her hard work below.

SCENE: 14b, Re-Cap Hugs Montage
WARDROBE: Liz = Helena Merchant sparkle sweater, dark denim skirt, Karen Mulder hair-do.
Jo = Birdy blouse, tan corduroy vest, brown waitress skirt, Facts of Life barrettes.

Hair Did

SCENE: 09d, Trend Trackers
WARDROBE: Tina = Rainbow stripe suspenders, black leotard, sailor-legged jeans, white gloves.

Right in White

SCENE: 10a, Allison Storms Off
WARDROBE: Allison + Liz = Peachy bath towels, coral shower caps.

Towel Time

Two days down, only one more to go!