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Working the scene from the inside out.

The Mallorys Come Home

22 long months ago we started shooting The Mallorys movie on the streets of Minneapolis.

A mere 3 days ago we finally-finally shared our movie with our beloved hometown! Forever has never felt so long, we know, but rad things come to those who wait. Exhibit A:

It had long been a goal for The Factory to screen at The Walker Art Center, and when we were recently invited to screen The Mallorys as part of the annual Women With Vision film series, we were excited and honored to have realized one of our mini-dreams at last!

Thank heavens JoEllen is a woman, a woman with a vision, or we might never had played at The Walker. (Dead weight for now, we’re hoping William and his manly visions might prove useful at some later point in time.)

Women With Vision collateral.

All cheekiness aside, The Factory takes the female-focused energy of our movies and our brave and plucky heroines very seriously, so the Women With Vision invitation meant a great deal to us.

We proudly marched our semi-feminist selves to our Saturday matinee where we met up with the teenage Mallory herself, Miss Allison True. We collectively felt we needed to mark the Minneapolis premiere of The Mallorys by standing in a crazy corner and striking casually unnatural poses. So we basically did. For like, 25 minutes.

All Eyes on Us.

Our screening was in the large main theatre and, for once, our movie wasn’t the weirdest one of the bunch. The Mallorys might have gone black market, but The Factory’s gone rather mainstream, apparently – which was secretly our goal. (Shhh!)

Men and women of all ages seemed to enjoy the show a great deal. The diversity and ingenuity of the films in the program was both engaging and inspiring. Best of all, the post-screening Q+A allowed JoEllen the opportunity to rock the reddest shoes on stage, and for William to once again taint the lady-like festivities with his unpopular testosterone.

FYI: WWV 07 Q+A w/ J+W.

The cherry-on-top of our big Walker day was a trip to Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream Shop where JoEllen paired a scoop of Candy Cane with a scoop of Oreo in a tidy little girl-cup, while William satisfied his brute, man-ish appetites at last with a messy scoop of Banana Cream Pie on a sugar cone.

Special Treat

Gender differences can taste, sometimes, so totally sweet!

Slamdance Day Five: On a Roll

We enjoyed a peaceful morning near our condo filled with “ape-pri-cot almond” scones and organic hot cocoa. A little bit of napping, then shopping for mint shampoo and honey-scented lotion.

Back in Park City the many Mallorys posters we had tacked up in the last days had been buried under 25 newer layers of Queen Latifah and Dakota Fanning movie posters. We fought back with a fresh layer of our own and were caught on camera while doing so.

Moments later…

Celebrity Sighting Thirteen:
The Star: Mike White (director of School of Rock, The Good Girl, and Chuck & Buck)
The Spot: On the sidewalk near Taste of Saigon
The Style: Albino bland.

We headed back to Slamdance HQ for a fireside chat/panel about Production + Distribution outside of NYC and LA – minus the distribution part, unfortunately. Nearly everyone we meet is from the coasts, and nearly everyone we meet thinks we’re from New York.

Immediately after the fireside chat we were interviewed by Clint, a cameraman from Hollywood Video! Clint was the guy who’d filmed us hanging up our posters earlier in the day. He grilled us on camera, we charmed him with our responses. We’re totally media pros now, man!

Interview with Hollywood Video.

Heading back down Main for the first of many meetings-

Celebrity Sighting Fourteen:
The Star: American Pie and Election stud Chris Klein.
The Spot: Park City’s sloping sidewalks.
The Style: Sunglasses and sherling.

Chris Klein in Park City.

Two and a half heartbeats later-

Celebrity Sighting Fifteen:
The Star: Hair product pro Paul Mitchell.
The Spot: Posing for fan photos outside a trendy Park City bar.
The Style: Signature slicked ponytail.

Hair guru Paul Mitchell.

We headed off to another party but were whisked suddenly away to an industry pitch meeting. Things are rollin’ now, friends. Those are all the specifics we can reveal for now, though. Hollywood is a circle of secrets.

We topped off our busy, biz-y day with a happy dinner at Bangkok Thai. Crab + Apple Spring Rolls and brand new buds were a perfect ending to our whirlwind of a day.

Slamdance Day Two: World Premiere

The big fests began!

We spent the morning e-mailing fresh, hot press contacts from Elle magazine and MTV news. Followed that up by plastering a fresh layer of Mallorys posters around Park City, then dropped off our much coveted promotional pins on tables outside the Slamdance main theatre. Who doesn’t need a little mom-ish or im-mature in their festival wardrobe?


Leading lady Tina T. and her dashing boyfriend Tom breezed into town and spotted both Catherine Keener and Gary Coleman (in a cowboy hat no less!) during their first few moments on the scene. Former child stars can’t get enough of Park City, apparently, and who can blame them?

Dolling ourselves up for the big premiere was an event in and of itself, of course. Tina opted for a sleek retro look. Jo nixed her original plans for a dress over jeans, and instead settled on a simple, smart vintage blouse, and William chose to try to be cool by not trying to be cool and kept on what he had been wearing all day: green velour vintage pants and a silver belt.

Dressed to the nines, we battled intense festival traffic to arrive for the big red carpet event.

The Candy Eye Kids

Celebrity Sighting Three:
The Star: Scott Speedman
The Spot: The Steps of Slamdance Headquarters
The Style: Perfectly tattered sneakers, perfectly slouchy thrift store pants, perfectly tousled hair, and most importantly, a perfectly goofy grin.

To think our film was playing along side his was dreamy divinity (for William at least)!

Scott Speedman

Our screening was sold out, packed with press and fashionistas. The audience got a genuine kick out of our movie, the silly clothing, and all the characters.

Biggest laugh: Meg moaning, “Well, I wish I could’ve been on the cake ‘n stuff then.

Second biggest laugh: J.J. whining, “I always always wanted something Foxy O’Clock. And I know I would like that coat way more than the poorest Russian girl.

Our Q+A was short, sweet, and wonderfully void of awkward silences. It was a top notch World Premiere!

Next up was the opening night feature Weirdsville by the director of Pump Up The Volume and Empire Records. It was vibrant, fun, silly and stylish. A great match for our similarly-minded short.

The Weirdsville Q+A included our beloved colleage Scott Speedman plus his big name co-star, which brings us to…

Celebrity Sighting Four:

The Star: Wes Bentley
The Spot: Weirdsville post-screening Q+A
The Style: Your Midwestern cousin on his 5th day at college.

Weirdsville Q+A

Wes stopped us after the screenings to shake our hands and tell us how much he liked The Mallorys. He was utterly sweet , genuine and un-Hollywood.

We headed across the street for late night cranberry juices with a festival posse. Girls who had seen our film were aching for posters and pins and seemed to have really connected with the story and spunk of our project. And that, kids, is what it’s all about!

Slamdance Day One

It was William’s birthday today, but it never really seemed like it…

We both woke up at 4am to prep for our crack of dawn flight. After hastily shifting things around in our overweight suitcases, we boarded our first of two Frontier flights.

The trip was instantly boring for us two travelers and we cursed ourselves the entire way for packing too many stirrup pants. The planes both had mini-TVs in the headrest of the seat in front of us and not even VH1 classic videos from Prince or Terence Trent D’Arby perked us up. But then…

Ladies and Gentlemen, our first Celebrity Sighting!

The Star: Dustin Diamond (Screech from “Saved By The Bell”)
The Spot: Our flight from Denver to Salt Lake.
The Style: Dustin was sporting a very machismo beard and geek-chic eyeglasses.

We couldn’t tell if he would’ve enjoyed being recognized or not. What goes on inside the mind of Dustin D, we couldn’t stop wondering?

Our condo in Park City is a stone’s throw from a Panda Express plus a Linens ‘n Things. It’d be pathetic to complain about anything, right? We met up with our L.A. based roomies Yves + Flo and trekked up to the festival action on Main St via the confusing shuttle system.

The Mallorys poster

Celebrity Sighting Two:
The Star: Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn White
The Spot: The steep hills of Main St.
The Style: Creamy parka and even creamier skin. (Surprisingly not that freckly-faced.)

The Slamdance peeps drowned us in praise for The Mallorys, plus free Doc Martens boots, Luna bars, and black puffy parkas. The smallest Men’s style didn’t suit or fit William so he opted for a Women’s Large. Drowning in 95 tons of swag we attended a few more meetings, met some of our fellow filmmakers. It was all awesome but ultra exhausting.

Slamdance HQ

After some short-lived R + R back at our condo, like frozen zombies we waddled back up to Main Street for the Slamdance Kick Off Party at The Star Bar where “Golddigger” welcomed us with its bassy thumping. At the top of our lungs we introduced ourselves to other filmmakers and got to know the festival staff more intimately. No real rubbing elbows with any big wigs yet, but everyone in and behind Slamdance is deliciously kind and down to Earth.

Taxi Man John drove us home at 12:30. We hit the hay and hit it hard. Our big premiere was the next day!

Photos coming super soon!

-love Will & Jo