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Life outside the Factory walls.

Strike a Pose

When in between film productions, the Candy Eye kids like to keep their creative juices flowing by mounting faux fashion-mag shoots.


The Factory’s costume closet is filled with bin after bin of belts and beads and boots that have never yet made it into one of our films – it’s only right to rescue them from the shadows of storage and allow them to shine.


Previous pre-Candy Eye photo shoot themes include 70’s Stone-eyed Mannequins a la Prada, Trailer Trash Tarts on a Romantic Roadtrip, and Paparazzi-pursued Pretend Superstars of 60s Italian Cinema. Our most recent shoot followed a Folky Foothills vibe, with anything embroidered or braided being highly coveted.


Half a dozen cameras were used to capture our fashion adventure through the arctic plains of Minnesota.


Our most successful images resulted from shooting on slide-film and then having the images cross-processed into bleakly beautiful almost patina-ed seeming prints.


Hypothermia aside, it was a hot & haute afternoon of friends & fashion – the crucial cornerstones of Candy Eye creativity.

Name Game 08 – Poll no. 1

We officially invite our fans ‘n friends to work with us on our 12th movie (all about models in the 1970s) by naming its 4 Leading Ladies. The winning names you help to elect for the girls will be used in our final film, so rock the vote hardcore, friends.

First up on the ballot is Miss Martinson’s character.

Nameless JoEllen.

JoEllen plays the sunniest, most naturally-talented of all the models, but is filled with shadowy secrets. Consider quite carefully, does this character sound most like someone named-

or Gloria


Filming with The Factory Pt. 2

We hit our stride on the second day of shooting the Models Movie and knocked off another 27 silly little scenes. When JoEllen wasn’t on screen playing the most secret-filled of the 4 Schiller Girls, she was fluttering about behind the scenes making certain the rest of the cast was Factory-fabulous, head to toe. Witness her hard work below.

SCENE: 14b, Re-Cap Hugs Montage
WARDROBE: Liz = Helena Merchant sparkle sweater, dark denim skirt, Karen Mulder hair-do.
Jo = Birdy blouse, tan corduroy vest, brown waitress skirt, Facts of Life barrettes.

Hair Did

SCENE: 09d, Trend Trackers
WARDROBE: Tina = Rainbow stripe suspenders, black leotard, sailor-legged jeans, white gloves.

Right in White

SCENE: 10a, Allison Storms Off
WARDROBE: Allison + Liz = Peachy bath towels, coral shower caps.

Towel Time

Two days down, only one more to go!

Pre-Factory Flashback: June 1993

Life before The Factory was founded wasn’t terribly different than it is now. Just take a look at what we were up to this week 14 long years ago.

We celebrated the first day of summer vacation 1993 by heading into a dusty field to film Bandana Trail – an action-filled adventure flick in which JoEllen played a sweet-natured cowgirl named Cherokee and Tina T portrayed her tricky sidekick, Short Cut. The blondest Mallory, Lizzie, strutted into the role of their snickering nemesis, Rattlesnake. So silly, yet somehow so Candy Eye.

Pre-Factory Fun

We didn’t quite have the discipline then that we do now, however. When temperatures soared into the upper 80s we abandoned the film forever, opting instead to organize a sudden pool party in Tina T’s back yard.

The 9 opening minutes of Bandana Trail remain, however, including the opening credits sequence set, logically, to an En Vogue song.

Bootleg copies of this rare, pre-Factory film have surfaced on e-bay with ending bids as high as 97 dollars!

But if you ever spot such a copy, let us know. We’ll need to litigate.

Visiting Artists

Amidst the chaos of our acceptance to the Slamdance fest, Candy Eye booked a Guest Lecturing gig at The University of Wisconsin, Green Bay for mid April. After months of anticipation, the Factory founders headed east, deep into the land of custard, to at last share our work and our ideas with Green Bay’s brightest young artists.

Our hosts for this visit were Art Agency president and photography major Eric Beining and his energized bunny of a bud, Cory Linsmeyer. The duo greeted us at our hotel with timid grins and nifty gift bags, after which they shuttled us to campus and participated in one of The Factory’s favorite pastimes: impromptu Pretend You’re At a Crowded Hollywood Party-themed photoshoots. (Cory, left, nailed the challenge best, no?)

Hosts with the most

Our hosts then guided us around the art building, introducing us to both faculty and students, who were all as groovy as they were gracious.

Semi-professional narcissists that we are, the highlight of our lovely tour was the series of posters plastered every four feet that Eric had designed in order to publicize our visit. We felt like rock stars, and opted to re-enact our Poster Pose, in person, for our Green Bay ambassadors.

Double Vision

At 3 o’clock we promptly began our lecture for a “record-breaking audience” where we played our hits Digits and The Mallorys prior to unleashing a sneak preview screening of our unreleased next film, The Epicene. We were relieved the attendees had so many questions for us, smart ones to boot, and were surprised that it was the male students in the room, rather than the females, who seemed to be responding most strongly to our über-girly work.

Head of the Class

105 minutes of snappy cinema talk sped by, and after our lecture concluded we traded some mom-ish and im-mature pins from The Mallorys movie with some hot, happening pins Green Bay student Jesse Mitchell had designed for his senior show. Candy Eye never met a pin-pusher we didn’t like. So two snaps to you, Mr. Mitchell!


After a quick hit of thrifting and Candy Eye’s first stroll through a ShopKo store, JoEllen confessed she had always been a little bit Bay-curious, so Eric and Cory drove us to Green Bay’s actual bay for some frisky fun under the sun. We soon brought the experimentation inside for a candle-lit dinner at Grazie’s Ristorante where our Bay Boys wrangled up University professor, Sarah Detweiler, and photography major, Erica Millspaugh, for an intimate night of arty elegance.

We couldn’t have wanted more in our overall college experience. (Except real Wisconsin custard, but maybe next time.)

Welcome Home

Once upon a time, before The Slamdance Adventure began, a Bon Voyage Party was prepped and planned for The Mallorys cast and crew. But jet-setting Jo was called to New York suddenly on busy business, so the wing ding was canceled and then postponed ‘til after the fest concluded.

In February, at long last, the gang re-assembled, taking turns petting our penny-scented pooch award.

Boy does ‘lil Sparky love a good scratch behind the ears.

Award Winners

In a nod to the Mallorys movie, scene-stealer Allison unleashed a photo cake onto the posh party-goers. It just never gets old cutting through the frosting faces of people you know personally.

Photo Cake

We’re all hoping our next photo cake will be created from the impromptu shoot Ben and his hot date mounted in the basement during the party. We weren’t privy to the top secret session, but Allison did spot a leather harness and some knee socks just as the photo shoot wrapped up.

Sounds definitely delicious, don’t you think?


Slamdance Day Seven: Winding Down

For the first night since we arrived, we both slept well, hard, and late. AKA 8am.

After a slow-motion morning, we hopped on the shuttle to the beloved Queer Lounge, but were stunned to find that it had vanished completely! Where there was once pulsing Goldfrapp songs, long, flirty stares, and free “Sarah Jessica Parker waters”, we found only silent, dreary hallways and dull condo units void of feather boas as décor.

When we headed up Main St. and the Fred Segal department store was dark and empty as well, we realized Park City was a sinking ship, and the bold and beautiful had already escaped. The festivals weren’t over just yet, but the famous faces and the frenzy had definitely disappeared.

We cheered ourselves up the only way we knew how: with some seriously serious shopping. The underground Mary Jane boutique enticed JoEllen with its whimsical shoe selection, a seaweed-colored satin belt, and an expensive but adorable shirt with an Owl screenprinted on it. Nothing was purchased but plenty was admired.

Shopaholic Dreams

Then, proving there was still some sort of pulse in Park City’s quasi-corpse…

Celebrity Sighting Sixteen + Seventeen:
The Stars: Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. and never-ever nominated Matthew Lillard.
The Spot: Slamdance’s Main Lobby.
The Style: Not as stunning as our own. (duh!)

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Matthew Lillard.

We soon attended Slamdance’s Animation Competition, right after William and Slamdance Director of Programming, the sassa-licious Sarah Diamond, completed an extensive and highly conceptual photo shoot – utilizing Bic Pens as pretend milkshake straws. When Laura Linney and Scott Speedman leave town, you pretty much have to make your own magic. But can’t you almost taste the sweetness?

Milkshakin it!

The moon hit the sky and William crashed home, nursing his sore throat and mushy mind with some goopy snorts of Zicam. Jo rocked it hard in Park City a few hours longer – partying it up with The Jamie-Amy pair, where she and the two Canadians came face to face with…

Celebrity Sighting Eighteen:
The Stars: Kung-Fu master, David Carradine.
The Spot: Pre-party for Homo Erectus.
The Style: As creepy in person as he is on film. Yikes and a half!

Fear, we feel fear!

The parties may be further and far between these days, but don’t worry your little heads, bloggy buds. We’ve still got 2 days more to dish on every last drop of Park City deliciousness.

-J + W

Blog Launches January 18th

Follow our cinematic adventures through Candy Eye land, beginning with our touch down in Park City, Utah for the Slamdance & Sundance film festivals!

We’re bringing the Cherries On Top pullover and the Keep M. Guessin’ sleeveless blouse (as seen in The Mallorys movie) so it’s bound to be a beautiful trip.

The Factory blog launches this Thursday so check back soon!