Name Game 08 – Poll no. 4

We’re all about collaboration and gettin’ goofy at The Factory, so with both those factors in mind, we officially invite you to work with us on our 12th movie by naming its 4 Leading Ladies.

The winning names you help to elect for the girls will be used in our final film, so rock the vote hardcore, friends.

Though Lizzie Martinson’s curvaceous character had previously been dubbed Brenda during the shooting of our film, this isn’t set in stone. Perhaps one of the names in the poll below would be a better fit. Cast your vote, and America’s top pick will later go head to head with the name Brenda – with Lizzie herself making the final call this time!

Lizzie Needs a Name

Lizzie’s model character is the most beautiful of the bunch, a blessing/curse she wears with an icy aloofness – – A princess like this would probably be named:



Name Game 08 – Poll no. 1

We officially invite our fans ‘n friends to work with us on our 12th movie (all about models in the 1970s) by naming its 4 Leading Ladies. The winning names you help to elect for the girls will be used in our final film, so rock the vote hardcore, friends.

First up on the ballot is Miss Martinson’s character.

Nameless JoEllen.

JoEllen plays the sunniest, most naturally-talented of all the models, but is filled with shadowy secrets. Consider quite carefully, does this character sound most like someone named-

or Gloria


Filming with The Factory Pt. 3

The third and final day of filming “The Schiller Guide” consisted solely of re-shoots including Scene 06cStatic Posing Intro with an improved, softer lighting scheme; Scene 10cHands Lesson, but with JoEllen wearing bangle bracelets this time (thank God!); and Scene 07eWet Hair Lizzie, minus the wet hair.

For this, the 12th movie from The Factory, the rear nook of the Candy Eye soundstage had been converted into our accessories arsenal. A peek at its main table reveals but some of our glamorous goodies. And although we are curators of the midwest’s largest collection of 70’s era “Jewess sunglasses”, sadly, only but one or two made their appearance on screen for this production.

Tools of the trade.

One of our favorite sections from the first day of shooting involved the models whipping their hairy heads luxuriously towards the camera all Pantene ProV-like. So on our final day, we stocked up on promotional photos demonstrating this technique and are including a blurry, blooper-y reject for now. The perfect, polished glory of what industry insiders refer to as “The Paski Spin” will be revealed at a later date, many times over.


Okay, so…having made an outrageous fortune off our blockbuster Mallorys movie, The Factory founders were tempted to flitter away their stash of Candy Eye cash on Prada pajamas or perhaps a Porsche – but decided instead to re-invest their money in the future of The Factory and purchase something we had long dreamed of owning: The 2nd most expensive steamer that Target offers – the 65 dollar one!

Armed at last with this mid-priced marvel, never will the King and Queen of Candy Eye have to worry about wrinkled trench coats or crumpled pencil skirts in their films ever again. Here, Tina and JoEllen demonstrate the glory of the Official Factory Steamer, as they magically mist the kinks out of Allison’s costume for scene 08cShow Pony Posing.

Teen Steam

With 11 scenes re-shot in under 4 hours, we concluded principal photography for “The Schiller Guide” movie at 9:30 on a Monday night. In Hollywood they say, “That’s a Wrap!” In Factory City however, William instead shouts, “Who are you and how long will you last?” And then the cast shrieks back the Name of the movie at him, followed by the word Girls, and then the word Forever.

Sounds tricky, but look how slick ‘n simple it actually is in execution.

William: Hey ladies! Who are you and how long will you last?

Jo, Tina, Lizzie, & Allison: We’re The Schiller Guide girls…Forever!

The Schiller Girls

And then we all dance around like twits for two minutes. On film, of course – cause otherwise, what would be the point?

Filming with The Factory Pt. 2

We hit our stride on the second day of shooting the Models Movie and knocked off another 27 silly little scenes. When JoEllen wasn’t on screen playing the most secret-filled of the 4 Schiller Girls, she was fluttering about behind the scenes making certain the rest of the cast was Factory-fabulous, head to toe. Witness her hard work below.

SCENE: 14b, Re-Cap Hugs Montage
WARDROBE: Liz = Helena Merchant sparkle sweater, dark denim skirt, Karen Mulder hair-do.
Jo = Birdy blouse, tan corduroy vest, brown waitress skirt, Facts of Life barrettes.

Hair Did

SCENE: 09d, Trend Trackers
WARDROBE: Tina = Rainbow stripe suspenders, black leotard, sailor-legged jeans, white gloves.

Right in White

SCENE: 10a, Allison Storms Off
WARDROBE: Allison + Liz = Peachy bath towels, coral shower caps.

Towel Time

Two days down, only one more to go!

Filming with The Factory Pt. 1

Our first day of shooting “The Schiller Guide” was a dizzy little whirl. We had aimed to conquer 29 scenes, completed 28 of them amazingly, somehow – but then realized soon enough we’d probably face some re-shooting down the road.

But C’est la vie for Le Factory.

Having skipped wardrobe and hair tests for this project, mostly we were relieved to have successfully created the JC Penny catalog circa-1979 look we had been working toward for all 4 of our leading ladies. When a girl makes us giggle in her get-up, then we know we’re on the right track and our first day of filming was “fulla giggles”.

Lush Brushing

For Tina the key was tinted eye-glasses (wait ’til you see)! For JoEllen, it commonly was a pair of Mindy Cohn-ish barrettes. Allison’s brand new bangs were hot ‘n hip for 2007 and yet oh-so perfect for ‘79 as well. And Lizzie’s lush locks were straightened Brady-Girl style, and her collection of high-waisted mom slacks were instant MVPs.

So now, get this: In our nearly two decades of mini-moviemaking the Factory Friends had never employed the use of cue cards for any of their productions until now!


The crew banded solidly together to guide Lady Lizzie valiantly through her on-screen reading of her lines that we needed stilted seeming – yet cutely charming.

Cue Card Reading

Leave it to Lizzie, of course. Her stilted was some of the most charming we’ve seriously ever had.


So this 12th video of ours was intended as a simple mini-movie (aren’t they all?), but we knew it had blossomed into something a bit more substantial when we realized the film was going to require 69 different outfits! That’s gotta be some sort of Factory record.

Sea of Clothes

We dove deep into our Candy Eye Costume Closet to complete the mission and will be presenting on-screen, at last, some fabulous pieces that have been sitting around in our fashion stashes before the Factory was ever even officially founded. Get ready for your close-up, purple wool bell-bottoms!

Aside from costumes, one of our main pre-production missions was to decide how to shoot the project in order to give it an Instructional Video-looking rawness, without losing the polished sheen we coat our creations with usually. The magical solution seems to be shooting at a 1/30 shutter speed, in case you care.

Camera Tests

Aside from that we’re discovering pumpkin-orange bedsheets as backdrops and swarms of silly 70s eyeglasses will be “crucial-crucial pieces”, as the trashy Mallory would say, in turning this ‘lil video into a big ol’ winner.

Four-Eyed and Fierce

Change of Plans


Remember the Mystery Movie we announced way back in July that we’d be shooting throughout the fall and documenting via our blog? Obviously that project was sidelined and all that remains of that dream is a trio of happy-colored hats our heroines would’ve worn in the epic film.

Hats - (not the Amy Grant song)

But out of the ashes of that ill-fated film rises our latest flick we’ll call The Schiller Guide for now. We’ve booked all three of the Mallorys girls to appear in the piece, while Lady Jo will make her triumphant return to the big screen as the 4th member of our all-female cast.

Let’s cut to the chase, though. What in the world will our Candy Eye cuties be wearing in The Factory’s 12th film? Our thrifting adventures focused around scoring some killer culottes, at least one prairie jacket, and a collection of turtlenecks we plan on pairing with anything and everything.

Fierce Finds

It sounds a bit pedestrian, perhaps, but cross our hearts, there’s tons of glamour, gorgeousness, silliness and sexiness waiting in the wings as well. (Plus our trademark sunglasses and a hat that lights up.) Come back and see for yourself over the next few weeks!

Here We Go Again!

After a series of false-starts, The Factory is now thankfully back on track in getting its next major project up and running.

Earlier in the summer, various films about Japanese telethons, 1960s girl groups, and vending machine treasures were developed to varying states of completion, but none of the concepts quite carried that special Candy Eye spark – so, sadly, the ideas were all discarded.

Echoes of these ideas may pop up in future Factory films someday, but for now the Candy Eye Kids have settled on an entirely different concept for its highly anticipated 12th movie.

Factory Flick 12: A Mystery

We can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet with any major details regarding theme or plot – but we plan on stashing the Candy Eye closet with cropped knickers, colored felt hats, and a vintage typewriter when the time comes to shop for the film’s wardrobe and props!

This mysterious 12th film will be the first Factory production our film-fans will be able to track all the way through, from conception to completion – thanks to our trusty new blog, here.

So check back constantly to watch us work our movie magic over the coming, crazy months!

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