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The Mallorys hit Fred Flare

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Pre-Factory Flashback: June 1993

Life before The Factory was founded wasn’t terribly different than it is now. Just take a look at what we were up to this week 14 long years ago.

We celebrated the first day of summer vacation 1993 by heading into a dusty field to film Bandana Trail – an action-filled adventure flick in which JoEllen played a sweet-natured cowgirl named Cherokee and Tina T portrayed her tricky sidekick, Short Cut. The blondest Mallory, Lizzie, strutted into the role of their snickering nemesis, Rattlesnake. So silly, yet somehow so Candy Eye.

Pre-Factory Fun

We didn’t quite have the discipline then that we do now, however. When temperatures soared into the upper 80s we abandoned the film forever, opting instead to organize a sudden pool party in Tina T’s back yard.

The 9 opening minutes of Bandana Trail remain, however, including the opening credits sequence set, logically, to an En Vogue song.

Bootleg copies of this rare, pre-Factory film have surfaced on e-bay with ending bids as high as 97 dollars!

But if you ever spot such a copy, let us know. We’ll need to litigate.

Movies 10 + 11

After three painful months, William has emerged from the editing room at last. And so our eleventh featurette is now complete! We didn’t title it Discretion after all, and we didn’t title it Risks either.

The piece will now and forever be known as Tape Eleven but, unfortunately, we’ll be keeping it locked up in the Candy Eye vaults for most of the year.

Run Tina Run!

Tape Eleven must patiently wait for its moment in the spotlight because first we will be unleashing Factory film ten, The Epicene, onto filmy fests around the world.

The Epicene: Making Of

The official Epicene page will launch on our website shortly. A few behind the scenes secrets before then:

– We didn’t so much direct our actors as simply whisper the words Gesso or Oceans from behind the camera before each take to set them into character. (Honestly though, that was all that was required.)

– Candy Eye’s tradition of abusing leading lady Tina T. with obnoxiously dark eyebrow pencil reached new limits in the film’s three press conference scenes. (We’ve maybe learned our lesson on that front now.)

– Belts make good necklaces and…

– Necklaces make nice belts. In movies, at least.

– And lastly, the key to a hot on-screen hermaphrodite is super soft focus, billowing Hiawatha-style hair, and slow sullen blinks.

Come to think of it, the key to any Candy Eye scene probably includes a few slow, sullen blinks. Right?

Life on the Festival Circuit

Once your movie hits “blockbuster” status like The Mallorys basically has, the constant screenings eventually blur together. The main highlights of our latest showing at The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival were-

A. The audience laughed sooner and more often than at any other screening, including the awkward moment when Meg whines, “I wish I could’ve been on the cake and stuff then.”

M-SPIFF Time Again!

And then…

B. A giant Man-Turkey came to the show.

A Man-Turkey at The Mallorys screening

It’s cool when Justine Bateman and Wes Bentley like your movie but what we’ve really longed for was the approval of a good Man-Turkey or two. Obviously.

Update: Factory Featurette #11

So here’s the latest on our latest.

The mini-flick we shot last summer has finally been edited down to a 4 minute rough cut. Though the narrative of the piece is currently a tad too murky, The Factory is alarmingly adept at plunking Tina T into dark basements and forming full-fledged movies out of it. We’ve sorta been doing that since the 1980s. Weirdly.

Editing Movie 11

So, just what sort of underground trouble does La Tina find herself in this time around? For now, our lips are still sealed.

Stay tuned though…

Visiting Artists

Amidst the chaos of our acceptance to the Slamdance fest, Candy Eye booked a Guest Lecturing gig at The University of Wisconsin, Green Bay for mid April. After months of anticipation, the Factory founders headed east, deep into the land of custard, to at last share our work and our ideas with Green Bay’s brightest young artists.

Our hosts for this visit were Art Agency president and photography major Eric Beining and his energized bunny of a bud, Cory Linsmeyer. The duo greeted us at our hotel with timid grins and nifty gift bags, after which they shuttled us to campus and participated in one of The Factory’s favorite pastimes: impromptu Pretend You’re At a Crowded Hollywood Party-themed photoshoots. (Cory, left, nailed the challenge best, no?)

Hosts with the most

Our hosts then guided us around the art building, introducing us to both faculty and students, who were all as groovy as they were gracious.

Semi-professional narcissists that we are, the highlight of our lovely tour was the series of posters plastered every four feet that Eric had designed in order to publicize our visit. We felt like rock stars, and opted to re-enact our Poster Pose, in person, for our Green Bay ambassadors.

Double Vision

At 3 o’clock we promptly began our lecture for a “record-breaking audience” where we played our hits Digits and The Mallorys prior to unleashing a sneak preview screening of our unreleased next film, The Epicene. We were relieved the attendees had so many questions for us, smart ones to boot, and were surprised that it was the male students in the room, rather than the females, who seemed to be responding most strongly to our über-girly work.

Head of the Class

105 minutes of snappy cinema talk sped by, and after our lecture concluded we traded some mom-ish and im-mature pins from The Mallorys movie with some hot, happening pins Green Bay student Jesse Mitchell had designed for his senior show. Candy Eye never met a pin-pusher we didn’t like. So two snaps to you, Mr. Mitchell!


After a quick hit of thrifting and Candy Eye’s first stroll through a ShopKo store, JoEllen confessed she had always been a little bit Bay-curious, so Eric and Cory drove us to Green Bay’s actual bay for some frisky fun under the sun. We soon brought the experimentation inside for a candle-lit dinner at Grazie’s Ristorante where our Bay Boys wrangled up University professor, Sarah Detweiler, and photography major, Erica Millspaugh, for an intimate night of arty elegance.

We couldn’t have wanted more in our overall college experience. (Except real Wisconsin custard, but maybe next time.)

Butter City Bound

Obviously this blog is a delicious dose of enlightening insight – but if you’re dying to really get inside the minds of The Factory founders, then may we suggest a juicy 30 minute, live-to tape television interview, broadcast without commercial interruption?

Cause we got one of them, kids – coming up soon!

Realizing the energy of the Minneapolis film scene, Twin Cities writer/producer Myron Berdahl recently launched a new talk show devoted entirely to Minnesota filmmakers and their work. Cryptically titled Butter City, Myron kindly invited the Candy Eye crew to appear on the 2nd episode of his nifty new series.

We ran through the opportunity extensively with our agents, managers, and our two cutest lawyers for days on end, and then finally agreed to Mr. Berdahl’s request. Provided that Factory femme fatale Tina T and rising starlet Allison True could appear on the program as well; and that the show shuttle all four of us to and from the studio in a light pink limousine with gray leather seats.

Butter City caved to our demands instantly, and we soon found ourselves in the literally green GreenRoom of Butter City’s St. Paul studio one dreary March morning. We killed the time before our episode’s taping listening to Tina T’s take on the Dark Shadows DVDs she’d been devouring, after which Allison asked the P.A.s to fetch us some colder caviar, please.

The green GreenRoom

We were then ushered into the studio and introduced to the technical staff of the program, who all stared at us without smiling for a hundred million awkward silent moments. We assumed they were just star-struck like the swarms of strangers who come across our paths when we’re at the gas station or the mall, but apparently the crew was just gage-ing our skin tones.

We’re pale. Strangely pale, they sighed.

After adjusting their lighting set-up for our albino-like complexions, and primping and preening our hair and jacket-hoods, we were then met on stage by Butter City’s esteemed host Dan Orozco, the Oprah/James Lipton of the Minneapolis film industry.

Meetin' 'n Greetin'

Together, we sailed through the taping of the perky yet probing episode in the blink of an eye! Though the reclusive Tina T. had never granted a formal interview before, she charmed the (non-existent) studio audience with her candid quips. And cell-phone photos of Allison’s much anticipated first interview were circulating on internet forums before the studio lights were even cold.

On Set

The Butter City series will be premiering locally and (hopefully) state-wide later this spring. We’ll forward you the air dates and times once our agents or cute lawyers get us the specifics. They’re super busy lately, so be a ‘lil patient!

Do check it out though. The Butter City team are awesome and they’ve whipped up a polished, poised, playful series you’ll totally have to Tivo.

Lounging Around

With the applause still ringing in our ears from our weekend screening at The Walker, we unleashed The Mallorys movie on the boozed-up bunch at The Bryant Lake Bowl a mere four days later. We aim to be officially-over-exposed by early April at the absolute latest. So far, so good, right?

Lounge Line-up

All the Mallory girls showed up for the screening, even the blondest one, since IFP’s monthly Cinema Lounge series is always a bawdy blast. You’re just not gonna see films titled Beerwolf or Urine Trouble anywhere else. Probably.

It’d be lame to say our movie was the best of the night, but it was saved for last, so make your own call, kids. The super-cool Paul Clark, programmer for Cinema Lounge, filled in as moderator this month for the filmmaker Q+A sessions. And although his Q’s for us were honestly just as amazing as the A’s we served him back…sometimes JoEllen couldn’t help taking secret little naps during our session, while William kept wishing he hadn’t grown up in such a sad, sad orphanage. It’s all true! Photos don’t lie:

Q + A time.

All that aside, it was truly a fun, frisky Q+A and Paul and the whole IFP posse are always so great to us.

The evening ended quite cinematically when, outside the Brant Lake Bowl, a fellow filmmaker from the audience approached the hilarious teenage Mallory, Allison True, and asked if she’d be interested in appearing in a comedy feature he’s revving up to shoot later this year.

A starlet is born.

And just like that, a Factory-bred starlet is born!

The Mallorys Come Home

22 long months ago we started shooting The Mallorys movie on the streets of Minneapolis.

A mere 3 days ago we finally-finally shared our movie with our beloved hometown! Forever has never felt so long, we know, but rad things come to those who wait. Exhibit A:

It had long been a goal for The Factory to screen at The Walker Art Center, and when we were recently invited to screen The Mallorys as part of the annual Women With Vision film series, we were excited and honored to have realized one of our mini-dreams at last!

Thank heavens JoEllen is a woman, a woman with a vision, or we might never had played at The Walker. (Dead weight for now, we’re hoping William and his manly visions might prove useful at some later point in time.)

Women With Vision collateral.

All cheekiness aside, The Factory takes the female-focused energy of our movies and our brave and plucky heroines very seriously, so the Women With Vision invitation meant a great deal to us.

We proudly marched our semi-feminist selves to our Saturday matinee where we met up with the teenage Mallory herself, Miss Allison True. We collectively felt we needed to mark the Minneapolis premiere of The Mallorys by standing in a crazy corner and striking casually unnatural poses. So we basically did. For like, 25 minutes.

All Eyes on Us.

Our screening was in the large main theatre and, for once, our movie wasn’t the weirdest one of the bunch. The Mallorys might have gone black market, but The Factory’s gone rather mainstream, apparently – which was secretly our goal. (Shhh!)

Men and women of all ages seemed to enjoy the show a great deal. The diversity and ingenuity of the films in the program was both engaging and inspiring. Best of all, the post-screening Q+A allowed JoEllen the opportunity to rock the reddest shoes on stage, and for William to once again taint the lady-like festivities with his unpopular testosterone.

FYI: WWV 07 Q+A w/ J+W.

The cherry-on-top of our big Walker day was a trip to Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream Shop where JoEllen paired a scoop of Candy Cane with a scoop of Oreo in a tidy little girl-cup, while William satisfied his brute, man-ish appetites at last with a messy scoop of Banana Cream Pie on a sugar cone.

Special Treat

Gender differences can taste, sometimes, so totally sweet!

Back to Work

Having finally come down from our fancy festival high, it’s back to the business of actually making movies. After five months in limbo we’re finally sorting out our 11th Candy Eye offering – a bite sized film we suddenly stumbled into shooting late last August.

Leading lady Tina T’s summer tan was then at its apex and, in re-watching our summer footage, we’re totally tickled at what a bronze-a-licious bombshell she’d become. Sophia Loren, watch your back!

Tan Tina

Much of our new movie was shot on a Fisher Price PixelVision camera, which is quite a coincidence, since, back when JoEllen and I were child models, we actually appeared on the packaging of the PixelVision camera! See below.

Pixelvision Camera

Weren’t we cute ‘n cool?

I wish that yellow shirt still fit me.

Anyways…We’ll be tracking the post-production progress on this new smoky, sly film of ours in the coming months, so stay tuned. We’re maybe gonna title the piece:

-10th & 4th

Or something else entirely.

We’ll text message you the second we decide!

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