• William and JoEllen return to TPT's MNTV program once again to introduce their mysterious mini-flick Tape Eleven this December.
    Sunday December 20.

    9 pm on TPT 2.

  • Tape Eleven makes its big Twin Cities debut deep underground as part of the 2009 Minneapolis Underground Film Festival.
    Saturday Dec 5.


  • Future-lovers Bruno and Filippa will grace the small screen this fall when The Factory's latest release, The Epicene, airs on PBS.
    Air dates TBA.

  • JoEllen and William strut their experimental stuff as Tri screens at Patrick's Cabaret in Minneapolis.
    August 3: Patrick's Movies in the Park-ing Lot.

  • The Factory's 10th short The Epicene premieres in Minneapolis at last with a pair of screenings!
    April 16: IFP's Cinema Lounge - 7pm.
    April 29: The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival at St. Anthony Main - 7pm.

  • After its success in festivals around the world, The Mallorys Go Black Market will air this November on TPT Channel 2 as part of the annual MNTV series!
    Sunday December 23, 10pm on Channel 2.
    Repeats on Saturday December 29, 10pm Channel 17.

  • The Factory returns to The Flaming Film Festival where The Mallorys and their bi-curious ballet buddy will strut their sassy stuff.
    Friday Nov 16, 7pm.

  • This August, Candy Eye dusts off an oldie but goodie as its ultra-sour short Canned screens in this year's Bearded Child Film Fest in Grand Rapids, MN.

  • Get in on the trend of the decade - for a limited time The Mallorys Go Black Market is available for purchase on DVD at FredFlare.com! Read one satisfied viewer's gushing review right here.

  • The Mallorys movie departs Minneapolis for a quartet of summer screenings at festivals around the globe:

    Seattle - May 27: Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival
    New York - June 10, 3:15 pm: Newfest, Out There shorts program
    Toronto - June: Worldwide Short Film Festival
    Los Angeles - July: Outfest

  • JoEllen, William, Tina + Allison will all appear on the hit new TV series Butter City! The 2nd episode, airing throughout April, is devoted entirely to The Factory and our most popular films.
    ST. PAUL - SPNN Channel 15.
    Tuesday April 17 at 9pm.
    Wednesday April 18 at 2pm.

    MINNEAPOLIS - MTN Channel 16.
    Sunday April 22 at 10pm.
    Wednesday April 25 at 4:30pm.

  • Candy Eye's blockbuster new hit The Mallorys will screen as part of this year's Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival.
    Wednesday April 25, 7:30pm.
    MN Shorts Showcase at The Oak Street Theatre.

  • Candy Eye's popular Debut Collection DVD is now available directly from The Factory itself via our brand new shop on the highly addictive etsy.com.

  • The Factory goes down under to screen Digits in Darlington, Australia's respected showcase of experimental films, Camera Obscura. Coolio!
    March 30, 2007.

  • The Mallorys Go Black Market will screen at IFP's March Cinema Lounge. Bring your Q's because J + W will be on stage with tons of A's!
    Wednesday March 21, 7pm.
    The Bryant Lake Bowl theatre.

  • Candy Eye heads south for the Crossroads Film Festival in Jackson, Mississippi where The Mallorys Go Black Market will screen during the March/April festival!

  • The Mallorys Go Black Market was selected out of 102 films to receive the 2007 Spirt of Slamdance Award, citing excellence in independent filmmaking.

  • Deja vu! Metro magazine once again profiles The Factory filmmakers. Check out the January 07 issue for exclusive scoop on Candy Eye's slate of exciting new projects.

  • NEW: The Candy Eye Factory is now on MySpace. Befriend us there!

  • Metro magazine's December issue suggests stuffing all your loved ones' stockings with Candy Eye's Debut Collection DVD. Pick up their latest edition from magazine stands at Twin Cities area Target, Barnes & Noble or Borders stores to read the full review!

  • Candy Eye returns to Judy Garland's hometown to screen The Legend of Santa Susanna in the Bearded Child Film Festival.
    August 18 - 19, 2006.

  • The Driver & the Doe travels out of state to screen in Olympia, Washington as part of the Love is Blind showcase.
    August 3, 3:15pm.

  • Fashion mag L'etoile profiles the evocative costumes of The Factory's films in its springy-summery issue on sale now!

  • The Factory returns to its favorite local fest, the fabulously fun Flaming Film Festival, with its icily queer roadtrip flick The Driver & the Doe.
    Saturday, May 27 at The Suburban World Theatre.

  • The time has finally come! The Driver & the Doe makes its official festival debut at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival.
    Sunday April 23, 2006.
    9pm at The Bell Museum.

  • Candy Eye goes all cutting edge with its very first podcast: a directors' commentary from Will + Jo detailing the production of their woodsy weird fable The Driver & the Doe. Pop it onto your iPod and listen to the scoop while re-watching The Doe off your beloved Debut Collection DVD.

  • March 5th: The Factory wrapped principal photography on its Greek-chic 10th featurette. Take a sneak peak here and check back for production updates throughout the spring.

  • Vote for Betsy Benson online at The Flux's first iPod Film Festival. Download the flick onto your own computer or iPod and enjoy its chipper charm whenever and wherever you want!

  • Heart-shaped chocolates are lovely, but an assortment of homemade Candy Eye flicks is the sweetest way to treat your Valentine this year! Kickstart your night of romance at Aroma's Arthouse Cafe in St. Paul with a screening sampler of The Factory's flirtiest films.
    * February 14, 7pm onward.
    * Encore screenings February 16, 7pm 'til close.

  • Candy Eye is delighted to announce that of all the films broadcast in 2005 by Orlando's New Screen Television foundation, The Legend of Santa Susanna was honored with the first ever New Vision Special Merit Award in Drama!

  • The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art store has recently added The Factory's Debut Collection DVD to their prestigious line of inspired merchandise.

  • Both Tri and The Legend of Santa Susanna have been selected to air on Orlando's New Screen Television - an innovative channel devoted to independent arts. Air dates TBA so stay tuned, friends!

  • The Factory's Debut Collection DVD has dropped in Madonna's favorite city, New York - which confirms that Candy Eye is now officially hot! So snatch up your 2nd or 3rd copy where all the big city hipsters do, Brooklyn Collective.

  • With deer hunting season now in full swing, Candy Eye sneak previews The Driver & the Doe at November's Cinema Lounge. A Q+A with W+J will immediately follow!
    November 16, 7pm at The Bryant Lake Bowl.

  • Update! For the 3rd year running, Candy Eye's work has been selected to air as part of the MNTV series on PBS, with Santa Susanna filling the bill this time around.
    tpt channel 2: Oct. 30, 10:30pm.
    tpt channel 17: Nov. 5, 10 pm.

  • The flutter-flying foes of Tri soar out of the Midwest to bring their unique brand of affectionate friction to the What? Film Festival in Reading, Pennsylvania.
    October 14 - 15, 2005.

  • Tune into KFAI's In Your Ear program as lava-hot rock band Bridge Club offer a preview of their Foxy O'Clock theme song, commissioned for Candy Eye's brand new The Mallorys Go Black Market mini-flick.
    Wednesday Sept. 21, Midnight - 2am.

  • Update! The Factory is proud to announce their popular Debut Collection DVD is now available in Minneapolis at two design-minded hot-shops: Robotlove and Design Collective. Far-off Candy Eye fans may continue to order the DVD from the shockingly chic day-lab.com site.

  • Candy Eye's 6 sweetest flicks may still be purchased at Store Nico (William's favorite shop) through September. Store Nico will then shut its doors in order to re-launch as an on-line store in the not too distant future. Stay tuned...

  • Expectorants crosses the border to screen in Victoria, BC as part of the Antimatter Film Festival.
    Dirtyglitter Program: Friday September 23, 11pm.

  • The little hit that just wouldn't quit, Betsy Benson, airs on Artwaves TV in Buffalo, NY this August.

  • After sticking close to home, Expectorants bravely sets out to seek its fortune. First stop: The Chicago Underground Film Festival.
    Sunday August 24, 7:45pm.

  • Candy Eye launches its first (mini) marketing blitz with a print campaign debuting in the summer issue of the brand new magazine l'etoile. Get your copy at Store Nico, Design Collective, RobotLove, Needlework Unlimited or any shop stylish enough to offer the cities' only local fashion mag.

  • The newly in-demand Digits heads up north to Judy Garland territory to screen in the Bearded Child Festival in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.
    Friday August 12, 9pm.

  • The saucy terroristens of Digits stage yet another demonstration at the Altered Esthetics gallery as part of the war + politics themed Pinko Commies exhibit.
    Show opening: August 20, 5 - 9pm.

  • Beat the summer heat with a serving of Thums Up soda and some seductive stripping, Candy Eye style. After touring world-wide, the frantic hit Digits returns to Minneapolis for screenings in The Soap Factory's Multiplex exhibition.
    July 2 - 4.

  • The Factory's 9th featurette, tentatively titled The Mallorys, wrapped principal photography ahead of schedule on May 24th! Take a Polaroid peek at this fashion-focused flick and check back throughout the summer for further details.

  • At long last, Santa Susanna sneak previews in Minneapolis on a loop inside a moving van during the Red Hot Art Festival at Stevens Square Park.
    June 4, 2005 - 11am to 7pm.
    June 5, 2005 - 11am to 5pm.

  • Candy Eye's quasi-controversial film Expectorants will screen at the Offbeat Gallery in North Minneapolis as part of a brand new media show. Watch (or re-watch) the mysterious piece many viewers perceive as having an abortion-themed subtext.
    June 3, 2005 at 8pm.

  • Big Idea! magazine's March 2005 issue includes a full-page interview with Lady JoEllen detailing the persistently plagued shoot of Candy Eye's latest hit The Legend of Santa Susanna.

  • Betsy Benson & The Bow Tie Boy(s) has been stamped with an official rating of PG in order to air this spring via Time Warner Cable's Video-on-Demand service throughout the great state of Wisconsin. (Parental Guidance Suggested, they say - but Candy Eye recommends watching with your honey instead.)
    March - June, 2005.

  • The Legend of Santa Susanna conquers the west coast with a pair of California screenings (San Francisco then Oakland) as it world premieres in the traveling Hi/Lo Film Festival.
    (Check out Will + Jo's Hi/Lo filmmaker survey) Further U.S. touring dates/cities TBA but first up:
    April 14, 2005 at 9:15 in the Red Vic Theatre.

  • Candy Eye makes their 2nd annual appearance at The Minneapolis / St.Paul International Film Festival for the official premiere of their gentle gem Expectorants.
    April 5, 2005 in the Bell Auditorium.

  • The Factory celebrates its pretty pink roots when Digits struts its sly, sexy stuff during the 18th annual Mix Fest in New York City.
    April 10, 2005 at 9pm in the Maya Deren Theatre.
    Repeated April 11 at 8pm.

  • The Candy Eye artists cast the cobwebs off their early flick Canned to premiere the long-delayed mini-satire at IFP's February Cinema Lounge in The Bryant Lake Bowl Theatre. Jo + Will then take to the stage for the traditional post-screening Q+A.
    February 16th, 2005 at 7pm. (It's free!)

  • Digits continues its "world tour" with a Valentine's Day screening aboard a giant ship docked in the waters of Liverpool, England - thanks to Candy Eye's favorite curator, Astria Suparak, and her increasingly well-traveled Let's Get Tested program. Live musical appearance by Candy Eye-approved electro-pop band Ladytron!
    February 14, 2005.

  • The Driver & the Doe, Candy Eye's woodsy new film fable currently in post-production. Check back soon for a sneak peek at this chilly tragedy!
    Premiering late 2005.

  • Independent Feature Project's December Cinema Lounge to screen a sneak preview of Expectorants followed by a solo Q+A session with co-director JoEllen. (Meanwhile, across town...)
    December 15, 2004 at 7pm.

  • William represents The Factory for its very first gallery screening when Tri is presented as part of The Soo Visual Arts Center's 2 hour film show.
    December 15, 2004 at 8pm

  • Digits to screen in Napoli, Italy as part of the Independent Film Show 4th Edition.
    December 3, 2004

  • Digits included in screening party celebrating Video Pool's new season in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    November 26, 2004

  • Tri with Candy Eye's first television interview to screen on PBS in the Twin Cities as part of the MNTV series.
    Sunday November 21, 2004 at 11pm on Channel 2.
    Saturday November 27, 2004 at 10pm on Channel 17.

  • Betsy Benson & The Bow Tie Boy(s) as one of only eleven pieces in the first ever BUST Magazine Film Festival in New York City.
    November 4-7, 2004

  • Betsy Benson & The Bow Tie Boy(s) screening in competition at the Milwaukee International Film Festival. * buy tickets*
    October 28-31, 2004

  • Tri to play in the 3rd annual Central Standard Film Festival.
    October 16, 2004

  • The Mallorys will screen in IFP's March Cinema Lounge, where JoEllen and William will grace the audience with another one of their stunning post-film Q+A sessions.
    Wednesday March 21, 7pm